what scares me the most!

what scares me the most with the up coming cfl draft is the argos selecting 2 and 4, the reason for this is the argos could get both tristan black and jamal lee :thdn:

if hamilton chooses Rottier with the # 1 pick the argos would be foolish not to take black with the # 2. hamilton doesnt sound like there going to take a chance on jamal lee so the argos could wait and grab him at 4.

although we would most likely take another lineman with the # 3 weather it be o or d line, i would still love too see tristan black in a ticat uniform!

Argos drafted Clifton Dawson out of Harvard who was cut by the Colts last year so a combo Dawson/Lee could work for Toronto. It simply isn't as atractive for Hamilton. I have a feeling Lee goes to Toronto or BC if Toronto passes, the wildcard would be the Eskimos trading up to get him.

Don't be scared ! LOL! Its just a game...

Why do we put so much emphasis on the draft? This isn't the NFL! The players that get drafted, usually take years to either get here (some still have 1 year eligibility left or try to catch on in the NFL) or years to develop.

Olinemen aren't used to the speed of the pass rushers. I can see Lee making an impact but he might go the NFL route.

You don't build through the draft in the CFL.

The draft doesn't scare me one bit. Half of the players drafted never play in the CFL and a small % of the remaining become bonafied stars.

The key to the CFL is free agency of both import and Canadians.

Sure there are guys we would like to see in black and gold but it really doesn't matter to me.

I think you mean scouting. It's not done through free agency because in a cap system you over pay for guys that teams have deemed are worth letting go of at the price they want because they have brought in other players through scouting of small schools and NFL cuts.

The blue team does need a good RB so I think Toronto will select Lee for the 2nd pick even though he has NFL interest. Lee may have the speed for NFL interest but his skills fall short so my guess is he would be with whoever drafts him by sept. this year.

I actually disagree that the Argos need an RB - they have both Jamal Robertson and Tyler Ebell. The low quality of the run game in T.O. last year was probably due mostly to the awful OL play - since it's essential for giving the run game the opportunity to make plays.

I think that Jamall Lee is fast but lacks in some football skill - he's a better runner than running back so to speak. In essence he's a boutique pick - and I don't think either the Ti-Cats or Argos want to develop one at the present stage. He probably is more likely to end up in BC at #5 or #6.

The Argos could certainly draft Tristan Black at #2, but I imagine that he won't be there at #3 if Hamilton has anything to say about it. I think Hamilton's 1st pick will be an OL - either Rottier (most likely) or Morencie. The Argos are probably tilting towards Legare at #2 right now - but I'm much less certain about that one.

I hope the take Black 1st .. Really don't there Tackle there for us who be good enought to start
We don't Guards as we tons Depth a Guard. we could the Depth at Linebacker more.

The Cats don't need linebackers.

I thought you based almost every player on their 40 speed? Black runs a 5.03 40. Pretty damn slow.

What Obie has said (this coming from quotes in an interesting article from Quebec) is that the Ti-Cats are intending to have four NIs on the O-Line so they can possibly go for an all-import DL. It would be sensible for the Cats to take Rottier (most likely) at #1 even to test if he can handle RT - at worst you've probably got a hell of a guard better than many already on the roster. Better still - every other player but one is still on the board at #3.

I think the poor play of the o-line the past few years proves that the Cats haven't got the "depth" at those positions that everyone thinks. Depth means that good to great players can be replaced with another good or great player when needed. The patchwork o-line recently meant that average guys were being replaced with other average or less than average stand-ins. This does not equal "depth" as I understand it.

Depth is built in the draft so I'll leave the picks to Obie as I think he is best suited to determine what the team needs.

Looking forward to the 09 season.