What rule changes do you want to see?

There are a few rules and regulations that I'd like to float by the good folks on the forum.

  1. I don't like the idea of moving the ball back to the 1 for goal line stands. If the ball is on the 1 inch line it should stay there. Caveat: the defence never has to back up farther than the goal line. In real short situations the lines would be nose to nose.

  2. Move the hash marks closer to the sidelines. In the 70's the hashs were moved closer together by 10 yards. A wide side of the field effectively no longer exists and the running game has suffered. There are fewer options on running plays now.

  3. Move the kickoff back to the 45 from the 35. Kicking off or receiving used to be a strategic move. Now it makes no difference.

What does everyone think? What else deserves discussion?
Training camps soon!

  1. completely disagree. you can't change the 1yd off the line of scrimmage rule, it would change the game for the worse. I know you just want it changed for the goaline, but I like it how it is.

  2. umm, keep it how it is. Our field is fairly wide already, and there definetluy is a distinctive wide and short side if the ball is on the hash mark. it would make field goals a lot harder, and damn near impossible if the bal is within the 5 yd line and on a hash mark

  3. still is a startegy move, but more in setting the tone, and wind and such.

I say leave the game as it is. I'm a purist though.

I dont agree either.
You cant have the ball on the 1 inch line if the defence has to give up 1 yard as a netural zone. The Q.B. would take it in every time

I dont like kickoffs on the 45. The recieving team would scrimage somewhere around the 20-25 yard line on average, then if they are held to a two and out, the punter would be standing somewhere between the 5 and 10. Figure on a 45 yard punt and 10 yard return and the ball would now be at center field.

I love the 3 point for a win part.
Maybe I like it so much because it was my idea :wink:

I think the major rule that should be changed is basically:

  1. The overtime system, which is pathetic. They should adopt a coin toss and play it out. Starting out in the oponents territory is stupid.

I had the chance to discuss with Sam Etcheverry last year. He’s a great man. Takes time to talk to you. Answers every questions you have.

Anyways, when I asked what he thought was the main difference in the football as it is being played today and that of his time, he spoke of the hash marks. He said that bringing them near the center of the field was a great improvement, because when they were heavily spreaded, it made it about impossible to use the short side of the field. “Defenses would always know where we were going”, he said.

Narrowing the gap between the two lines is, according to him, in big part what turned the former low scoring games they had into the fireworks shows we get.

The guy must know what he’s talking about. I sure enjoy high scoring games (though I don’t judge the quality of the show on the sole basis of score).

I like the old way of having 2 extra halves but they were only 5 minutes each.
The team who got the ball first usually managed to eat up the clock and not not give any time to the other team before they had to kick off again

No prob

i dislike the ot scenario now as well. should include special teams. make each drive start by defending team kicking off from there own goal line or ten yards out if you prefer. then sudden death format but with each team able to have one more drive after the other team scores. there team a starts by kicking.. team b gets a field goal and kicks to team A who get a touchdown so team b gets another shot to take the lead and they get a td. then A get field goal to tie it, so b gets another shot until one team does not manage to tie or take the lead. i think this would be an exciting way to get rid of ties and include the whole team.

I agree…flipping a coin in the NFL , usually makes the team who wins the coin toss the winner…that sucks…I love the CFL over time. :smiley:

  1. I would have NO five yard penelity on punts , or make the pen. 25 yards.

  2. Remove the 1 point just for miss fields goals.

i had a reply I spent 30 minutes on :frowning:

yes to everything but #1 on Kanga, #2 nothing outside the hashes. Force a true "touchdown" though, there's no other way to do it.

No to everything the first guy said

No removal of the rouge

OT: Coin toss, first to 8 points wins.

Yes to the Win, OTwin, OTloss, Loss = 3, 2, 1, 0 points system. I ALSO had this idea and have been trying to pilfer it around a bit as well, so it seems that great minds think alike and soccer should get rid of goalies.

I agree with cahnging the overtime format back to the two shortened halves like it was a few years ago, especially in the playoffs. In the CFL special teams are such a big part of the game, that it seems stupid to eliminate them when the game goes to overtime.

I definitely don't want to see 4 points for fieldgoals beyond the 50. I think that there is already too many fieldgoals deciding games. I'd like to see the goal posts moved back 5 yards into the endzone. Please don't tell me that players will run into them. They will be farther away from players.... This will reduce the importance of longer field goals which I feel are not "earned".

The rule that I don't like is the one regarding fumbles along the sidelines where the last team to make contact with the ball gets possession. Possession is important and should be earned. This rule doesn't encourage the skilled play which is the whole point of sports in the first place.

I like our game the way it is, pretty much, with just one exception.

I never liked the new overtime "shootout" format. I can't stand the idea of sudden death either, or any variation of it (like the team scored against gets one more chance. Why should they get more opportunities than their opponents?) Go back to the two halves. That was true overtime, because everything that occurred in regulation could occur in overtime.

Kickoffs were moved to the 35-yard line to allow the receiving team to get better field position, and encourage more scoring.

A 4-point field goal would result in teams intentionally losing yards to kick a 4-point 50-yarder rather than a 3-point 49-yarder. I don't go to games to watch teams intentionally lose yards. If you're down by 4, you should be thinking about how you're going to score a touchdown, not about kneeling on the 43 yard line.

Allowing the ball to be placed inside the 1 would mean that the defence would have to be permitted to line up less than one yard off the ball. I doubt you would find an offensive lineman (or defensive lineman, for that matter) that would want this. Moving the ball back out to the one when a touchdown is not scored makes it truly "the longest yard."

I don't know about the hash mark thing, but I'll take Mr. Etcheverry's word for it. And it would make short field goals less automatic. If you're on the 30-yard line, a 20-yard gain to one side of the field might actually be considered a bad thing.

And if you kill the rouge you risk killing the excitement of the sport. No more kickbacks? AAAAH! :shock:

I agree with BigDave. I think the only thing that needs to be changed is the OT format. While I'm not totally opposed to sudden death, I like the idea of the two halves better. If you combine it with the change in points (more for an OT win than a loss or tie), then I think you have two teams really fighting hard for the win. Could be entertaining.

I don't understand, everyone is against the OT shootout :frowning: I love it. Each team gets the same amount of recetions, if one team scores and the other doesn't they win. I am for changing nothing, just bring in the vidio replay.

Here we go again, another year another post about changing the rules. Kee the OT as it is and keep the rouge as it is too.
I would like to see the penalty for no yards be 15 yards regardless of wether the ball was caught in the air or if it touched the ground, as it is now it is only 5 yards if it touches the ground and players are coached to purposely get a penalty and negate the return. I also think there should be no penalty if the kicking team is a few yards away from the punt returner but clearly backing away from him trying to give him his 5 yards.
I also disagree with the new rule of throwing a flag for pass interference even if it was uncatchable,I like it the way it was.

You misunderstood me. The one yard off the line rule would not be in effect inside the one. Kickoffs were moved back to the 35 from the 45 sometime in the 70’s. They moved the hash marks at the same time. Yes, a kickoff from the 45 is a lot deeper, but that was always the point of opting to kick off. With KOs from the 35 there is not as much strategic advantage to kicking off.

I like the OT format, but I think teams should start farther back - let's say the 45 yard line instead of 35. Then it is harder to kick a field goal in OT if the defense stops you at the line of scrimmage.

I would also like to have the NFL-style replays introduced. That would fix a lot of calls that get missed by the officials (player in or out of bounds, whether a pass is complete/incomplete, etc.)

One challenge per team per half would be adequate and won't slow down the game.