What Rider jerseys do you own

Just curious.

I have:

Black one with my last name and the #8 on the back

White Kerry Joseph

Green(not retro) Jason Clermont

Which ones do you have?

Chick, green…love it…

I have the green retro jersey.. and I'm going to put the number 23 on both sides, with Lancaster's name on the back of it.

Green KJ
and Green ummmm Greene

I'm pretty sure I am gonna buy a new one this year, but I havent decided who to get one of. Last year I was debating between Mo Lloyd and my favorite guy James Johnson. But obviously, it doesnt make sense to get one now lol...

Maybe Ill go with a Wes Cates one, or Durant, or a Kitwana Jones one. Too many choices... :?

If you dont want to spend the extra hundred and twenty bucks or whatever a jersey costs you could just get one of the ones you have right now re done with a different number and player.

I have a Wes Cates Green jersey. The first game I wore it last year is the game he got hurt. Maybe it was bad luck.

Retro Fantuz
Green Clerrmont

I know, but they are a little short for me now.

I have an autographed Black Matt Dominguez 88, my sister has an autoraphed White DJ Flick, My Brother has an autographed Mo Lloyd 47, My mom has an autographed Gene Mac 60 and my old man has a retro number 13 autographed by all the regina boys (clermont, Getzlaf, Foord and Hughes)

I think about retiring and framing my 88 and getting a defensive player jersey…no idea who though…i want someone who’s gonna be around for a bit. Any suggestions?

I wear a Green(not retro) with my last name and #96.
I have a White Shultz one autographed, a green(not retro) autographed Burris jersey and a Retro autographed Crandell jersey.

I am looking at getting a Retro jersey this year and I am not sure if I want to get Shultz’s number again or go for someone else. Dressler maybe.

I have a plane white one... no numbers or names,
my dad has ( and i yank from time to time ) plane green and black...

me thinks we need a plane retro to complete the attire.

Me and my Fiance together own two retro Jerseys.

One a Fred Perry #41
And Two a Scott Schultz #96
Neither are Autographed but I do have a gameday hat that is autographed by a whole plethora of Riders. Matt Dunigan even signed it.

I also have a #41 fred perry green jersey, and I refuse to get another since he is still my fav player in the league. If I do get another one, I've been thinking about the retro uni with my name and fav number on it

well! :smiley:

looks as if I'm the only one here who's got real jerseys!

Narcisse GAME WORN Road Jersey.
McDonalds Game Worn Home Jersey #86 back in the 80's.

ok then

we have oh at least 4 authentic jerseys.

I have one that I am planning on getting numbered before the season starts. with Durant's #4

I've got a green one with no #'s or names on it. Just the way I like it. :rockin: