What really ticks me off...

We get people coming from all over the place, paying their own way, just hoping for a spot in training camp.

Then you get premadonas like Jesse Palmer who haven’t proven anything and they expect to be handed a starting job. Or other show boating, too go for the team, type players… the kind that fit the Terrel Owens mould.

Show up, play hard, earn what you’re given.

Is that too much to ask?


I’m going to get flack for this but… Jesse Lumsden falls in the second catergory… at least in my mind. I sure hope he’s as good as people say.

I have to disagree with you about Lumsden. He works hard and has a great attitude. He does a lot of community work and I don't think he expects to be handed a starters job at all.

I do agree with your point about some other players I've heard of and even some I've known in the past.

Okay, than in my mind Lumsden loosely fits into that second category… at least for now. He has yet to prove anything. BUT I don’t want to make this a Lumsden thread (we have enough of those) that’s why I left it as a “sidenote”.


I appreciate hard work and sacrifice in sports.

I hear you bro...really ticks me off too.

You know what really burns my butt?

A flame about three feet high.

Stupid is as stupid does. (Forest Gump)

Hey Rusty25! You make a very poor troll.

Some advice here. Pick one target.

Top notch trolls select single targets
and open fire on them with both barrels

and fire everthing they have at them.

They take a firm grip on the reins of their horse
to stop it from galloping around in all directions.

Doing that makes it a lot easier to hit
your target when you take shots at people.

Unless he's using a shotgun approach, RFTT...

Or other show boating, too go for the team, type players... the kind that fit the Terrel Owens mould.
Lumsden is not known for speaking out of line or show boating. Im sick of hearing the Canadian football player must play in the CFL. What a joke. Let the kid get his shot in the NFL. If someone is going to pay me more to do the same job....I know what I'm going to do.
Show up, play hard, earn what you're given.

Is that too much to ask?

Does Lumsden not do that…I have never seen him give up.

Same with Palmer…It is his life and its his choice to do with it as he pleases. Football is a tough game and careers are very short. He has a shot and doing something he enjoys and gets paid well to do it. Why is it that if your good at a sport but decide to try something else do you get slammed? Is it because you always wanted to play football and didnt have the opportunity?