What really needs fixing

I don't think you guys ever played a Canadian left tackle on your line this season, they've all been American.

Oh, well then we need a new one.

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ODay needs to go

Well our HC doesn’t talk to his coaches in a game. He lets them run thier players. So Maas doesn’t like the run and we waste two RBs. GM can’t find OLine players?

I say hire Marc Trestman now and build for next year. Get ride of ODay.

We failed miserably in a grey cup year. Unbelievable.


Someone should mail a bunch of McDonald's applications to the office and locker room

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Do we have an actual scouting crew, you never here of who is scouting for players anymore.

I Like Maax suggestion in another thread. Go grab McMannus from his assistant GM role with the Bombers. That would be more logical move for him than Trestman Leaving a college prof position to go to Regina.


Either we completely redo our O line for next year or it’s time to move on from Cody.

I like Cody but in order to be effective he needs the oline we had in 2019 …..

If the organization doesn’t want to move some assets to make that happen then it’s time to source a qb who can play without an oline

For coaching staff the cfl has limited talent pool to tap In to mid season. Kinda forces teams to wait till the off season to poach up and coming coaches from other teams

Yeh, they are a dime a dozen. Fjardo is one of the better running Q.B.'s. What attribute would be looking for in this lone wolf offensive player?

The speed of The Flash and a dose of immortality

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Well I hope the team just plays well next week! They will have do a bet job of drafting O line though..

Maybe they need Brendan Tainan back, he sure did better than this.


That would be like changing OC from McAdoo to Maas.

If you're going to change something crappy, don't change to something that is even worse!

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Well he had the team prepared far better than they are now. We’re lucky to win another game this year.

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The only way the riders are making the play offs would be the cross over and it wouod require hamilton and Ottawa to lose their way out

Even the games they play each other lol..

Sask needs to win some games or they won't be making the playoffs. Nor should they

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This quarterback (seen here taking a break from the action) can stand up to the punishment. He don't need no stinkin' line.

Not much of an arm, though. And not really a vocal guy in the locker room.

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His current team considers him to be their 'rock'. He makes up for his lack of arms or legs by being really hard to bring down.

I think Rielly ( in BC ) showed us that without an oline any qb can look bad

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