What really needs fixing

Well by this constant use of the online their won’t be a quarterback left to play. It’s the defence that’s been keeping the team in the game. At this rate it will be hard to see the riders advancing to the big game this year. I do see your point. But bridge was to green (pun). I would like to see riders go with the back ups for a couple of games and let fajardo rest his knee, maybe they could all work together for the rest of the year, doesn’t sound like the q.b. Will get better without surgery , so why not try using all 3, see how that works. It would be good for the back ups to get some playing time now. Could help down the stretch.

That could be what's happening all right. Fajardo is getting pressured into the ground and his effectiveness is now being called into question. Take away the constant pressure and maybe one day he'll rebound... or maybe he just doesn't have what it takes to survive in Dickenson's dysfunctional system.

Could the problem be Dickenson? Or is Dickenson's problem Fajardo?

this is why us as fans are not coaches😀

I think the problems are Maas and the GM.


And the riders are still employing Garrett Marino and Duke Williams who likes to hit players with helmet and spit on them.


I wouldn't rule that out either. It's too bad that when changes come the house usually gets swept clean.


Could it be that no one has the courage to tell Marino that his services are no longer required? :grin:

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Every team has them

Except WE don't let our spitters and quarterback killers outside without adult supervision like some teams in this league. Safety first! :smiley:

you are living in a dream world if you think the riders have this issue... some ex-players in the cfl have been charged with murder...most teams self police this dark area of sports and it is usually kept out of the press... there is occasionally really really bad apples and most fans have short memories of them after a while. unless it is dealing with the team you really really hate then you never forget...but every team at one time or another has has one or two ....but I am not making excuses for my team I am as upset with this as most fans are too... But to say it is unique to one specific team is just wrong

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A 'dream world'? Nah. Just a different one these days. Too many spoiled yahoos like Marino are doing their own thing with no regard for their fellow team mates. Dickenson is letting guys like this wreck his team because he's scared to lose a talented pass rusher. What he doesn't realize is... guys like Marino have NO respect for coaches like Dickenson who don't know what it takes to maintain team discipline.

How does 'player's coach' O'Shea keep a lid on things? Believe it or not he's earned the respect of his locker room so HIS OWN PLAYERS handle team discipline behind closed doors. Marino's selfish attitude would've been nipped in the bud (by the likes of Jefferson or Biggie) before it got this far out of hand... or he'd have been gone.


Hence the quote FIFO

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Did dickenson really want to be the head coach, or was he kind of pushed into it, so I would cut him some slack, he’s done an admirable job taking over from the coach who left the riders high and dry. Mid stream.

You gotta be kidding... if he did not want to be the head coach he woulda refused to be the head coach...

Sorry to disagree...here is an example...we all had that one friend growing up that was complete and utter F-up...no amount of peer pressure or friendly beatings would stop him from always doing stupid things. Some of these idiots take that shite into adulthood and take it to their graves...you most likely met these same boneheads in your work life too.
Some people just remain F-tard their entire lives and never learn. I am certain a modicum of research will have one or two of these types will have been on every roster in the cfl from time to time. Even on your team. Some learn/change some do not.

Well it’s just a hypothetical, but I think he’s a great coach for Saskatchewan, as you know people aren’t tripping over each other to coach and play here, and that is one fact a lot of people seem to leave out in their thoughts about the riders whole organization on football operations. He tells it like it is, and i’m sure he will do what he has to if it comes to that. Don’t forget he has a brother coaching in the league and I’m sure they can advise each other , they ‘ve been around a long time.

Quite sure the brothers hold regular meetings and give advice on how best each other in a game... Especially playoff games🤠

3 man rushes and Fajardo still has D Linemen in his face all game. At least he can move again to avoid the pressure, but what happens if he becomes a stationary target again?

This line needs to be fixed

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Need some good prime AAA beef up front for certain.

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