What really needs fixing

I’m sure with Jones long gone they would welcome a return, we all know where the problem was. Problem is management never stepped up either to help the situation likely. I saw that the way those players were treated was pretty bad, after their commitment to the green. They could have been treated with more respect than they were , that’s all.

Hey... we're doing our best to keep that very obvious info under wraps. The moment other teams (besides the Bombers, Stampeders and Lions) figure out that protecting the QB is kinda important... it becomes a four way race out West. Things are competitive enough in this division. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Maybe someone will pick up on it.

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get rid of Maas. D doesn't have any confidence in him

Very very poor play calling.
But I will be the first to admit Fans see the game far differently than reality at times. But Mass is calling some suspect plays at times that it seems the D already knows exactly what is going to happen. For seemingly very complex O there have not been any confused opposing Ds in the games lost is all i can see

I shuttered when they hired moss, thinking back to durant, who had a different offensive coordinator every year he played for sask. Yet somehow he got it done. And Maas, well he’s never really done much even as a player, I don’t know why he’s so highly regarded. If you make the offence so hard to figure out, what’s the point, everyone will tune out because it’s not necessary. Why try to make a mobile q.b. Into a pocket passer. They have all the wrong type of people together trying to put a square peg into a round hole. Number 1, hire the right person to coach that type of player, that doesn’t seem like it’s a very hard concept to grasp, Now, Kevin Glenn has had a lot of success and played a lot in the league, he could be someone worth inquiring minds might inquire about.

A few things of note ... great players does not mean you turn into a great coach...I am not totally convinced it is all on Mass but his play calling has been suspect in the losses for sure. As well as the TEAM no being able to adjust at half time in the same losses part of that is on ALL the coaches...There is always other stuff to consider and injuries hurt the team bad...as well as that asshat with the four game suspension...

I truly believe the rider team is better than they are showing I stated earlier that a distraction is hurting this team and slefish style of play will do this. Distractions are the sssorse thing to happen to a team.

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LaPo sucks why would you take a guy like that

Our offence was entertaining as heck with Lapo at the controls. We called him the 'Mad Scientist'. So many trick plays (sometimes TOO many trick plays), counters, QB options, double and triple reverses. In his last year with us in 2019 we won the Cup.

His BIG mistake was going to Ottawa and trying to work his magic on an offence that was starved of talent by a GM (Marcel Desjardins) who had no idea how what to look for. Here in Winnipeg Lapo had Collaros, Streveler (The Leveller), Andrew Harris, Darvin Adams, Kenny Lawler, Nic Dempski, Drew Wolitarski and the best offensive line in the CFL. In stark contrast Ottawa's clueless GM provided him with a still-not-fully-recovered-Matt Nichols at QB (who could barely throw) behind a mediocre offensive line.

This year's Redblack's offense was much improved with Masoli behind centre but DARN your luck Ottawa... for some reason the CFL deviated from its traditional season opening Grey Cup rematch game and instead decided to pair last year's best team with last year's worst. I really think that if Ottawa had opened against Montreal in back to back games they'd have at least split that series. It's more bad luck that any team in a league that tries so hard to protect quarterbacks would allow a player like Marino to take up a roster spot.

Maybe 'Lapo's Luck' will never change in Ottawa. Maybe it's time for him to move along and lose the curse that latched onto him on the plane ride out of Winnipeg.

Coming from a guy who's team still employes Jeffcoat

Coincidentally exactly when Craig Dickenson and Fajardo showed up?
It's not a coincidence and I've been saying this for years, they are both absolutely terrible.

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The last time SASK won the cup, Dickenson resigned at the beginning of the season as the special team's coach (bombers got stuck with him and did terrible) and Chamblin did magic.

Dickenson and Fajardo were our coach and QB in 2019...

When you look at 2019 they had
-Solid recievers
-A very good offensive line
-Servicable running game.

Right now we are missing 2 of 3... primarily because Shaq Evans cant stay health and our o line is a revolving door.

What I see and i think theyve cleaned up a bit is play design which has taken out two recievers (shaq evans and Picton) with friendly fire. Those screens have been end with five yards and a reciever on IR

Fajardo always throwing those lame duck balls for anyone to grab (because of pressure) isn't going to get them anywhere. He lacks the foresight and panics. Any other qb would take the sack or toss into sideline. A qb that panics has no future
The repeated loss of games in the 4rth is lack of coaching adjustments or poor adjusting.
Everything they had in 19 was built by previous coaching and is systematically being destroyed by Dickenson

Anybody would panick if they took 27 sacks in 8 games or whatever it is.

And we lost with 14 starters out one game and similar another game... takes practice and game reps to develop communication

Lol you aren't wrong.
Just saying there are better options for qb. Dickenson is a bum, always has been. Definitely not up to his brothers talent

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Exactly, he’s proving that right now. We were far better off when mcAdoodle was here.

I don’t know if I'd go THAT far. It was pretty much a lateral move IMO.

Such short memories. We were NOT better off with MacAdoo (no offense to him). His offense and play calling totally blew the 2019 West Final against the Bombers despite having a far superior off line that year, and the year previous he failed to put together a game plan for a running QB (Brandon Bridge) for the West Final. If he was that good we'd have won both those playoff games. Maas is, and has been, hand-cuffed since he got here by a sub-par OLine (via injuries or talent) and an incredible amount of injuries the last year and half. I am very surprised that people can't see that right now the offence is ham-strung by injuries to receivers, Off line, and QB . TO expect high level results is pipe dream.