What really needs fixing

Every team has injuries. Other teams seem to survive it.

All I know is that ODay inherited a strong team, and it has gotten worse during every successive year of his tenure.

I don’t disagree with you, but let’s see what happens when they start getting healthy again. If they do get healthy my biggest concern is at QB. Do they have one? Time will tell.

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This was my big concern about Harris going to SSK – whether the Riders could keep him healthy, given his age and relative lack of mobility. I know Philip Blake was supposed to be part of the solution at O-line, but he too is quite old and not really a long-term fix to pass protection issues.

In this league, you need to build a good O-line over time and make sure its players aren’t all aging out at the same time.


Didn’t take long for Harris to go down, that’s collaros now Harris, quaterbackers are running for their livelihoods out here. Fajardo. Who’s next. Maybe bring labbat back. They need to spend more on the online.

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Riders. Definately need to upgrade their American receivers too. They need 2 top speedsters, and a big bruising running back. And of course their most need is at o-line. My god, I wonder if that will ever. Get fixed.

As much as an O-Line the Riders need a run game. An up the middle between the tackles run game.

It’s not just putting up yards on the ground - it’s easier for the O-Line to push upfield on running downs than to protection block every down and end uo sucking wind by the second half.