What really needs fixing

I was a little scared of Fajardo in 2019, but SSK's O-line seemed a lot better then. Also, who was SSK's OC in '19?.

Stephan Mcadoo.....

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McAdoo seems to be a more experienced coach than Maas and not such a mad scientist. His departure looks like a good thing for the Riders.

Sorry. I totally messed up the previous post. I meant to say that Maas' departure was a good thing.




Trevor Harris has ideas

I wonder how long it will be before they chase him out of town, any guesses ?

2 years. Wild guess.


My thoughts too. Referring to the fans who just can;t help themselves, they’ve even chased Ron Lancaster away, sad as that is to say.


Isn’t there always the chance that Vice President of Football Operations & General Manager, Master of the Known Universe and Supreme Allied Commander Jeremy O’Day… has learned from his mistakes and will become a more humble, thoughtful team leader going forward?

I mean it’s a longshot… but give your GM a chance to disprove that he’s a complete weasel.

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“Weasel” implies that he knows the right course and is being deliberately underhanded or deceptive in some way. I don’t think that’s the case. I think his mistakes are honest, albeit far too common.

“Never ascribe to malice that which may credibly attributed to incompetence.”

I think he was simply incompetent. Part of that could be that he was trained by Brendan Taman, which would handicap anyone. But will he learn? He’s had opportunity, and the history doesn’t look good.

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I will say it again… Cody was NOT the problem, if he finally said something, it was about time, cause no one else would say it. Our O-Line sucked period… and that’s on Oday, he had two years to fix it, he did not, and from what I have seen signed it will be a season for Harris to run just like Cody did and other QB’s hell 70 some sacks on our QB’s The problem was obvious and the whole CFL knew it, even TSN said so. But that’s the Sask. way, blame it all on the coach and the QB. I do agree Dickie needs to take better control of his team but lets place the blame where it needed to go, the O-Line and ODay. And I really at this time don’t any see improvement!! Time will tell… But I have a feeling like the movie… run forest run, it will be Run Trevor Run!!


I’m glad you got that off your chest.



Too true. But there are things that make me wonder what the heck was really going on last season.
The fired Oline coach was hired in Edmonton and against Calgary - the Elks O-line looked far more ready to play than Calgary. They had their sets right, took no procedural penalties, opened nice run lanes, and except for a couple plays blocked well.

Leaves more questions over the Riders O Line and offence last season than it answers for me. If you have a competent position coach then is it all on the players?

Wow. That’s a lot of info to take from one pre season game with a lot of players that will never see the field in regular season, on both teams.

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The Oline was the only place the Elks played starters, Calgary played ALL their starters at some point in the game.

Who were the Stamps Defensive linemen and linebackers for most of the game?

They didn’t post stats but everyone they had on the depth chart played for a few minutes.