What really needs fixing

I sure would like to see the riders pick up a 220 lb. Back like ouellette or Harris to fit into the back field, they really need it for blocking and for those important yards at the end of the game. That back for the thunder is big like that. I wonder if he would be worth a look at. Remember the day of Zarka and molnar , that ‘s one thing they need., don’t know how this attached itself to your post but it is what it is, I’m not to good on this stuff. It should be a separate post.

The Riders have Awachie whom they don't use much.

Well maybe they should change their offence around, because always relying on the q.b. Is a bad system.

You have three big fullbacks that block well. In todays offense the fullback very rarely runs the ball.

Hmm, I'd love to see a playbook and personnel that would allow that to have success.

Maas is gone, offense should be better

Giving the ball to an Andrew Harris more would be my change. On 3rd and 1.

The Point remains, until they fix our O-LINE, this won't make a dang bit of a difference regardless of who they have on Offence or coaching it. WE need to fix o-line and get Cody to re-sign, he is not the problem!! Remember when Reily went to BC and had to run for his life, and he is a proven great QB. Cody had this to deal with now for 2 years, this is on O'Day. And I still see he is signing players everywhere except O-Line!!


They are waiting for the o-line to gell. But, what if it doesn’t, what if they have the wrong combination of linemen, then what. Start over ? They better hurry and get there coaches before the ones they want get signed before they do it.

Pretty sure they will grab a couple free agents on the O line come Feb. 12 or whenever it starts. Need to find another one for sure, maybe two Americans' that have a legit chance of learning the game and being productive off the hop, however you do that.

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Riders sign American o lineman

Any time they quote college stats for a guy who graduated 7 years ago, it raises concerns about what he's done since. Still, he's got poundage and it's a start. I'd like to see 20-25 guys competing for the 7-8 spots. Not all of them have to be new, but a bunch of them should be.