What really needs fixing

Last night our D shut down, no wonder 35 mins on the field. I know we are missing some key players, but!!?? Our real problem is our O-line. Reynolds, O'day and Dickenson really need to take a hard look at it. This OL reminds me of BC's when Reilly played there, spent all his time on his back or running for his life. Cody is in the same boat. This O-line sucks big time, has for 2 years now. Without it fixed quick, you can kiss a grey cup run goodbye. We all know how bad it is, can't keep Cody safe, Morrow is running into walls, no holes. Fix the damn o-line already.

Our Receivers are not catching balls either and they are not hard balls to catch. Duke is not playing like he should, Baker not used enough. Yes again we are missing key players BUT?? And as for Cody, time to start making those long balls work. I am losing faith in his abilities regardless running for his life. Yes I know he has a bum leg, but he needs to improve his game also. These are JMO but I don't think I am that far off why we are losing games!!

And last note, we never should of dropped Ryan as our punter, he still kicks better than most. We lost some key players this year, not sure that was a wise move!!

The riders oline is a problem no doubt about it but Oday being the gm has done nothing to fix this problem.


Well part of the TOP was that Rourke, while he looks like he's 12 years old, stole their lunch money. Self inflicted wounds and really well placed passes kept drives alive

That is one sick team you've got there StormRider. It's a good thing I showed up before these men got any worse. Get 'em prepped for surgery STAT! I'm goin' in!!!

SNAP! (rubber gloves go on).

Nurse, wipe my brow. Now give me a card from the deck. Let's see... first, 'Take out Wrenched Ankle'. Okay. I've got this. Careful, careful... BZZZZZD!!!

Darn. Eight years of Pre-Med School down the drain. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Go troll on your own forums!!

I think our whole offensive coaching needs some improvement, they haven’t been the same since 2019, maybe the coaches on the offence need to be looked at to,.

ODay knew the OLine was bad last year and ignored it. That is the root that everything else has grown from

I shouldn't be surprised. He did learn from Brendan Taman


If it isn’t the players then it’s the coaches, but something is definitely wrong on the offence, why isn’t Maas up in the booth, watching the play. Like all the other offensive coordinators, you can see what’s going on from up there a lot better than on the field, They still haven’t replaced labbat, and by the time they fix the online Cody will have a broken neck. They need a couple of Andrew greens in the mix.

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If we don’t improve the O line drastically we won’t make playoffs


The only way to do that quick is Americans. Hopefully Lenius will come back after being cut in the NFL, which will use up one of the Canadian spots lost from the O line. Gonna have to find another spot to fill a Canadian in as it will need at least 2 new Americans on the Oline to make much of a difference.

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Coming out of left field here...
I wonder if Kevin Glenn would make a decent OC. He does have a head for the game. And he's been around enough to see basically every system first hand.

Aaaaaaaand go!

If LaPo comes loose from Ottawa... would Saskatchewan consider bringing him back as their OC again?

Kyle Walters had to do that in his first year as our new GM. Our O-Line was easily the worst in the league. Quarterbacks did not want to play here.

Or darian durant, not sure if he’s interested in coaching. But he would be more in line with fajardo playing style. Kahari Jones?

Would Durant consider a return after the way he left?

Well , Jones is gone, I don’t see why not, unless he has no interest in coaching, I’ve never heard of any from him. What about Ricky Ray, maybe he has an interest, someone needs to explore these new possibilities. To bring new blood into the system. Coaching wise. I like that Kevin Glenn idea also, but never heard of any interest from him either, they could also pick up Lapo if ottawa disses him.

Durant left on bad terms, and Jones was not the only one he had words about when he left. Upper management where not happy either. I don't blame DD he got screwed over by Jones!! As did Chick and Dressler!! None of them retired as a Rider as of yet even with a 1 day contract. This may be why also!!

Dressler is being inducted into the Plaza of Honor tho.

Awesome. Next time I'm at the Pizza Plaza I'll order 'The Dressler'. It'll be the pie that keeps hitting the floor because it's so hard to catch. :smiley: :+1:

The o-line really needs fixing, in retrospect, with a great o line protecting collaros the bombers have 2 straight grey cups, collaros was traded to the argoes who sent him to the peg, who protect him with a top o-line, so . Here we are watching fajardo get creamed gamely. All you have to do is look at Winnipeg and make the comparison. If we had invested in the online better that could be collaros playing for the riders still. Or at least fix it for the current quarterbacks of. The flailing rider offence.

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