What really hurts!!!

I was looking through the schedule for the last 5 games and I came to a painful conclusion.... In 2004, a last play TD catch by Geroy Simon was the difference between a home playoff game and not. Last weekend, a last minute TD by Geroy Simon may very well be the differnce between 1st and 2nd place for the Riders this year. In order to get 1st place, the Riders would have to win their remaining 5 games and BC would have to lose 2. This is very unlikely. Granted, all 5 of the Riders remaining games are very winnable (although in the CFL anything can happen on any given day), but so are the Lions (partly because of who they play, and mostly because of their team). I figure if they are going to lose two, it will be next weekend in Winnipeg and the last game in Calgary (if Burris is back and on his game). I can see the Riders winning the last 5.... I can even see the Lions losing one of those two games, but there is a really good possibility that just like in 2004, a last minute Geroy Simon TD is going to be the difference. That being said, with the BC and SK victory tonight, and with both Calgary and Edmonton being without their starting QB, SKs chances of hosting a playoff game got a lot better. Unfortunately this will be the first time in my life since I was old enough to give two shits about the Riders, and the first time that I will not be in Regina during playoffs, so I will still be listening on the Radio regardless of the venue. I picked a really exciting Rider season to skip the country =)

Go Riders!!

Funny, I don't see the Lions losing any of their last five games.

Western Final will be played at BC Place this year, just like the last 3.

Yeah, if you read the meaning of what I wrote, that is exactly what I was saying.... all because of Geroy.... Again!!

Go Riders!!

hey rise don;t be to harsh to rlr he isn;t really the brightest. no1 in bc is. but u make a good point. the riders are falling and bc has stepped up. and as for rlr the lions winning the last 5. fat chance. they will be versing some challanging teams and will have to step up with the 3 string jj again. i wouldn;t be to hopeful starting our 3rd stringer in the last 5 games.

Jackson is more than a "third stringer". He has been with the BC Lions for at least 3 seasons and with the fragile Dickenson at QB Starter, Jackson was usually one play away from becoming the number one guy (meaning if Pierce were to go down as well).

Therefore I am sure that Jackson has had many reps in the last 3 years of practices and he has definately proved his knowledge of the offence and the game. Also, Wally is a great coach when it comes to preparing his QBs. He did the same thing in Calgary.

Hmmm, I have to jump on RLR's bandwagon here. After Winnipeg, the Lions have a pretty easy schedule, three games against Last place clubs and then Calgary.

....ouch sport....sounds like you're placing the stumps below the last place teams...are you trying to get red all stirred up...heh heh... :lol:

I don't know dude, Ticats are hungry and they're due for some wins, and you play them twice!

I'm more worried about the Ti-Cats than any of the other teams.

No, not trying to stir up Red & his brother.......What I said the Lions play three games against last place Clubs, (Edmonton, Edmonton, Hamilton) and then Calgary. Calgary should be comfortably in second place when we meet them in the last week! :wink:

Ha. Comfortably in second place? Not likely.

Surely you don't think the Lions will collapse that badly that even Calgary will pass them....?

he must

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ya i did, and yes it is