What really happened to Roy shivers - by Marty Yorke

According to Marty Yorke this is a behind the scenes account of what took place which led to the parting of ways between Roy and the Board of Governorsof the Riders. "...it really started when s0me of the BOG's would not call Roy - CAPTAIN ROY, Llke Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Carribean movie. This infuriated Shivers. As well, the Premier's daughter, who was really in love with a poor blacksmith who lives outside of Moose Jaw, grew tired of Captain Roy's advances and his fascination with the lights and glimmer of Las Vegas! Furthermore, several of the BOG's were apparently seeing a psychic regularly at seances to contact ex-rider coach Eagle Keys asking him to question and criticize the present coach and GM. Then there was persistent talk of the curse which allegedly has been around since the '89 Grey Cup win. Many of the BOG's believed that Captain Roy and Coach Danny were really pirates who were perpetuating the curse which allegedly hadbeen responsible for every Rider misfortune including paul mccallum's missed kick in the western final at BC place two seasons ago. There was evidence cited that Barrett and Shivers were pirates because Barrett had allegedly told some players at a practise that they would have to WALK THE PLANK if their performances did not improve and that Captain Roy wasoften heard muttering pirate slang like , " Shiver me timbers!" The Rider saga will not unfold until the late Fall when the sequel entitled," Roughriders of the Prairies- the tale of the Curse opens in theatres everywhere. Till then!!!!!!!........

Given all th stories I have heard out of Riderville, this might be the most realistic story yet! :lol:

Be careful turkeybend, with stories like this, you will replace McMahon in his job! Ha Ha


But this prompts one question: Is Hugh Campbell really the Kracken?

Yes, but with Turkey, we always know to take the “salt shaker” with us. McMahon is just garbage stories.


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when the kids go back to school, the trolls will really take over :slight_smile:

I'll take that wager and add to it by suggesting that playmaker is really RawnotsorookieRay in disguise. Hey, if I'm wrong, I'll only be out a purple Sir John A.

if i was white, would i defend shivers, and trying to hype up bruce eugene and robert baker?

What a joke?Tillman should be hosting a game show,never mind being a GM in the CFL.This guy is the biggest clown around,it takes more than wide-mouthed smiles to manage a winning team,especially in Sakaktchewan,hell while were at it lets hand the team over to the Gleibermans'(you know the 2 bone heads from Ottawa) the will have enough clowns to run a circus

you would if you wanted to be considered black. although most black people are not as racist as you are and would not want you to represent their views. the truth is racehas nothing to do with your ability to play the game although it may be true that certain races may have higher proportions of certain bady types that work better in certain positions. but to choose someone for a position based on race would get you a poor result. hey... the riders have had poor results... although i think the only real mistake the shiv made in his tenure was barrett. the guy is a brutal coach. with a solid head coach and the team he had the riders could have won the cup. too late though.