kevin gleen, kerryjoesph, henry burris, anthony calvio..which one you rather hAVE

Kat really why bother with this you can not have any of those other qbs. By the way It is Glenn not Gleen ha ha ha

:lol: This must be a joke topic. Either that or we finally have found someone who spells even worse than you rw2005. Despite the joke I will still attempt to answer the question seriously.

After last season I would put all of the three you listed in the poll at about equal skill level. Calvillo is and has been great but he is getting older and starting to deteriorate. Burris on the other hand is one of the best some nights, but on any given night he'll play like he was some random talentless guy picked off the street. Glenn on the other hand has been a backup most of his career and is prone to have that inexperience show at the worst possible times. He also had a season in which his team went 5-13. Yet another negative is that he can be injury prone. However he did show great improvement last year with a revolving door O-line and an inconsistant receiving core. For these reasons I would place all of them about equal at this point of time.

The above said I have to go with Glenn as my team's quarterback, given the choice. My reason is that Glenn is the youngest of the three. He will likely give you more years at his current level than either Burris or Calvillo would. Also with Glenn being still fairly new as a starter he may not have reached his peak yet, whereas with Burris and Calvillo it seems far more likely that they are at or past their respective peaks. Yet another reason I would take Glenn is that he will likely command a smaller salary than the higher profile Burris and Calvillo would demand.

I somewhat agree, Glenn is the youngest of the bunch, but i would probably tank Hank over Glenn, either way this IS a joke topic and very pointless as well

Would anyone else like to stop all this crud?

This guy spells so bad, I thought he was talking about 3 different rookies to the CFL.

jm02, are you missing a student from English class?

Glenn is not that great he has the best recieving core in the league like c'mon a 12 yr old can play just as good as long as u don't focus ur vision on 1 WR u could do anything so my pick would be Burris because he can Run, pass and he put up great numbers and he has only 2 recievers to throw to LEWIS and COPELAND. and look at our recievers stegall,armstrong, cavil, brazzel, stoddard like any body could play just as well as Glenn the only reason our back-ups s.ucked this year was cuz Quinn focused on 1 player Dinwiddie i think he had the jitters only seen him once and banks he was not bad

best recviers...wtf you on calgary did copeland,lewis,thurmon,ralph,rambo then bc with simon,clearmont,ryan,and paris jackson

we had far from the best recieving corps last season. brazzell cries like a baby when he hears footsteps. thurman can be compared to mcgarritty with the very similarcase of dropsies. and we didnt get cavil and armstrong till late in the eason.

Best receiving corps??? You're kidding? Right? After Stegall, and Armstrong who showd promise at the end of the season, I can name you three other teams receivers I would take over Stegall and Armstrong.

Pappa, Piggy, talk some sense to these guys!

i thought i just did. BC, montreal and calgary all had better recieving corp then wpg. edmonton did for a long time to, heck even saskatchewan had it better then us in the begining. theres a reason why it was called the stegal show

...i have to agree that we were pretty well a one-man show in the receiving dept....except when Brazell decided to show up ,then we were one-and-a-half man show....Derick Armstrong came in late and we now have the start of a very good receiving corps...but still have lots of work to do...Has anyone from the Bombers tried dialing up the rap-man Baker....Now he would be a real difference maker...with a little attitude adjustment of course... :lol: :lol: :lol: goBigBlue

Armstrong is a good addition. You should try and sign Ryan Thelwell from BC. He's a pretty good receiver, Canadian, and it sounds like Wally isn't going to re-sign him for 2007.


Wally just told the reporters that Carl Kidd and Ryan Thelwell wont be back.....Go get Thelwell!

....being a Canadian, Thelwell is very attractive...good hands..but a little bird told me he might be more interested in moving a little more east to the Cats'...probably depends on who has the right dough, sport.... :wink: :roll:

Get your "Soon to be owner" Asper to take out his wallet! Canadian receivers are always good to have.

I have a hunch the Lions are going to groom Josh Boden to replace Thelwell.

We should get Kidd and renew the simpson/kidd LB duel but the blue and gold version and it'll be like brian clarke and wickman all over again remeber those days bomber fans that was our best year lol so havin to great LB's will help since ours now are under sized

As of right now, going into this next season, I'd say either BC or Calgary has the best receiving corps.

as of ''right now'' it gota be calgary cuz they got copeland,lewis,thurmon,rambo,ralph and the new guy??? ( cant remember his name)
but by the time the season starts i think bc might have the best wideouts

If I had to pick a Qb right now it would be the 1983 Warren Moon backed up by the 1984 Tom Clements!! We can dream can't we??