What QB would be best?

I think since we do have a running game, we should go after a qb that has accuracy and a strong arm. I think we should go after Maas. Looking at his numbers from last year, he had over 5000 yards passing and mike pringle was in the lineup.

Mike Pringle was also old and crappy at the time. Plus he had Tucker, Hervey, and Mitchell, I know they had a 4th good one but I am drawing a blank right now.

I would like to have Printers


aaah yes, how could I forget.

i think falkster is trying to say that with pringle in the lineup, maas only got to throw the ball every other play, and still got 5000. this year ray got to throw everyplay, and didnt end up with much more than maas. im wondering what maas could have done if ray was in the nfl this year?

Oh i completely understood what he was trying to say. And I was saying the opposite. That Pringle was washed up, and that Maas did have to throw almost every play.


The thing is, that pringle was trying to break a record, he may have been old, but he was good. the kept goin to him every other play anyway.

pringle may have been old but he still was one of the top rbs in the cfl. he had games where he was over 100 yards, if thats not a sign that he could still play, i dont know waht is.

I would rather have Steve Bilan than the guys we've got right now...... Or one of probably 400 US college kids that play QB, how can there not be someone down there that's better than what we've got?

Of the current QB's, I'd say either Maas or Joseph, but since hopefully we'll have someone else calling the plays next year, either one could have the offence somewhat tailored towards their strengths.

Ok 42monkey, I know you like the huskies and all, but Bilan??? Ya he is a good CIS QB, but he could not compete in the CFL, at least not at QB. he is strong enough to be a fullback, but he throws way too many Int's to play pro.

No, not seriously Bilan..... I kinda more meant it as the guys filling the current roster slots are not very good, and that it can't be much worse.

I'll have to remember that the tone I say things in my head as I write them doesn't come across all too well when typed online. :slight_smile:

Do ya think that Winterpeg would trade Glenn back to us? Maybe for Greene and a bag of footballs?

.....how about Greene for a kicking tee and a bag of Old Dutch?

if we drop the tee do you think we could get one of the bigger bags of chips? Or maybe the double bag box even????? Wow, that would be cool..... I vote for BBQ!

I vote Salt n Vinneger, so When Shivers eats them he will be all puckered up so he can kiss my as$

Printers has an agent which says he is going to be the highest paid player in the CFL, so that would be in the 500,000 grand per season range. The riders aren't prepared to pay that nor do I think Printers is worth that.

The way we shut him down this season, i think he might be a one hit wonder like Khari Jones. Sure, he would have no problem giving you 4000 yards passing and 25 Tds passes, but Marcus with Matt D, Travis Moore for the whole season wouldn't have any problem giving you that either.

Maas I am pretty sure is a ticat next season. Thats the only way that trade makes any sense.

I think our best bet is to take a run at Kerry Joseph. We have to keep Crandel cause if we gut our entire QB core, we could end up with three Tee Martins,

Kerry Joseph behind our O-line would be amazing. He has arm strength to get the ball downfield, and he has the ability to run on any play. Roy Shivers said he would have gladly given up Burris for Joseph, and now he has his chance.
Printers would also be a good choice, and maybe he would be worth 500,000 if he could get us a homeplayoff game. But no matter who we get, or who starts next year they can't physically hand the ball to all their receivers, so either they have to catch the ball, or we need some new ones that can catch. Dominquez will be a big help, but he is only one player and Thurmon is a free agent, and Moore might retire, so we will see.

Kerry Joseph still has a contract with ottawa for another year, doesn't he? And I think you're right that Printers may have been a one hit wonder, he didn't seem that impressive at all this year.

Yes, KJ is signed for one more with the Gades

I heard that Joeseph was on his option year