What QB`s are available

Seems Riders need a QB, Durant and Dimwitty are not getting er done. May be the year of the retired QB, meaning comebacks for the more experienced QB`s.

Not sure whats up with Printers? What about trying to trade for Jarious Jackson (I think they may need him because the red head is also struggling) maybe trade for the red head. Cody Pickets name has been thrown around, he might be available I understand.

Bishop is with Calgary, uncertain when he will be available. Cleo Lemon could be available shortly? Maas perhaps?

Gilbert Renfroe was a favorite of mine, Doug Flutie would jump at a chance to play if he was promised the starting job, the guy is in game shape plays basketball almost every day.

Renfroe ,Flutie or Bishop would be the way I would lean.

DD is a fine QB. It is game plan and continuity with receivers that is the issue. Remember that DD's favorite target is no longer around and that other starters are injured. They are simply not on the same page. I believe that all but 2 of his interceptions this year were touched/tipped first by one of his own receivers, and there have been a pile of drops. The passing issues are clearly not all on DD. Beyond that, the flaw in the game strategy is trying to keep him in the pocket. Joseph generally failed when he was told to be a pocket passer, but was damn tough to beet when rolling. How do you think Burris would fair out if he did not roll. Guys like AC and Glenn are pocket passers, others are not.

Flutie is 40, Renfroe must be almost 50, Bishop is inked with the Stamps (and we don't want him), Lemon will at worst be a backup, Wally will not trade JJ, Picket is a big step down, Maas has made it clear he is not moving.

I don't know if this was a serious post or a bit of jackassery.

Wow! This is a joke right?

Printers - When was the last time he looked like a QB?
Bishop - Don't you remember Biship getting run out of Saskatchewan because he's a terrible QB who gets lucky once in a while?
Lemon - He's the starting QB for Toronto.
Jason Maas - A retired QB career back up that never had success running a team.
Doug Flutie - Doug Flutie? Wow. He's like 55 years old. He plays basketball every day? Wow.

Durant was the league's leading passer last year. He didn't just get terrible. What has changed since then? Coaches and receivers.

This is the most pathetic of the football fans. The team loses, so we must fire the QB and bring in an unproven nobody that's going to save the day with his miraculous gift of superiority that nobody else knows about but us.


Sounds like a Stampss fan, not following the rules of this website. A bunch of crud.

i think you have a good one on your roster in cole berguist but durant is not the issue at all..

it's taman, and your d and the loss of the canadian air force. injury and nfl... thats the problem. its not the qb thats for sure.durant has been good for a couple years now, he's i'd say proven.. you dont want him? i'll bet a few teams would take him right now...

how about tj harris from the bombers for durant. or if thats not good.. harris and one of our defensive ends we have lying around for berguist and your first rounder? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cole does look like he might be promising. I am not a tanam fan, but as I have said many times, I like a lot of what he has done...

Really, the defense has not changed from last season, and it was not great last year. I believe we had the 6th or 7th rated defense. It is very upsetting that not much was done to remedy this issue, other than really a new DC, with a new defensive plan, and not addressing the line issues. Our tackling was sloppy last year, and it is this year to. We did not get much pressure from the front last year, nothing has changed. All of that being said, any defense is going to have bad stats when on the field so much...same thing happened last year.

Flutie is maybe 45, tops. But Lemon might be a good fit in Sask?

Get a GM who can bring in some talent, a coach who has the locker room (no proof, but I get the feeling the players aren't really playing for Marshall like they did for Miller - no apparent heart), an O-line that isn't a sieve, and a defense that puts on a decent pass rush and you've got many of the Riders' problems solved. QBing isn't the major problem in this operation, imo. Leave that as it is, fix the other crap.

Is it April fool's day. Yes, what a joke. Durant is clearly struggling but he needs to get through this himself, it will take some time. Sorry, but that is just how it is.

Bring in Flutie, Bishop, Printers...........WOW

Could be on to something here jm02; when Miller was coaching, it's kinda like the players knew how to respond and said: "Let's go and win one for the old man."
That's a phrase from the 1967 Green Bay Packers on how they felt about their coach Vince Lombardi.

Cleo Lemon? Really?

Okay. Go to Jim Barker and offer to trade DD for Lemon, straight up. He'll sign that trade so fast you'll have no idea what happened! :cowboy:

This is another one of these silly threads. You really think anybody listed here will do better with this team? Or that DD just forgot how to play? He's not the problem.

Just like Ricky Ray looked bad last year and this year looks amazing. He didn't miraculously remember how to play the position. He's got better protection and play calling this year.

Printers would be a not bad pickup IMO. But anyone who has watched me on the forums knows i am always hoping for printers to come back and find that magic he had all those years ago. he did have some surgery after he was released from BC. He is still listed as a free agent, so hes not retired. But i dont know if he is staying in shape or not. i was on his twitter, but he hasnt updated lately.

This may not have been a serious thread, but I can make some ok comments maybe...

If for some reason, the Riders feel like exploring a qb look, i would suggest Zabransky. IMO he didnt have the right CFL coaching to help him adjust to the game. perhaps in Regina he could get the proper mentoring to from a better O.C. to get him more acustomed to the Canadian game. I dont think ray gave him much help last year...

Now, perhaps its not Durrant... Maybe its the recieving core just not meshing, or running the right routes. that first INT. last week was very catchable. and they need to come back to the QB and help out when hes getting rushed too hard!