what QB has the strongest arm in the league?

who can throw the furthest?

how far, if you know?

Kerry Joseph is pretty strong but I don't have exact figures. Dickenson is pretty strong in BC, too.

  1. Casey Printers (strongest)
  2. Kerry Joseph (2nd strongest arm)

Come on guys !

It's AC...

Pfaaaaaaa! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say the QB with the strongest arm probably is Ted White. Now, if you need these deep throws to be catchable as well, I’ll take him off the list.

Hey! This never occured to me before, but maybe he just need glasses…

Yeah it could be Printers. Burris should be up there somewhere as well, that guy can throw a bullet.

.......based on preseason play my vote goes to Copeland.........

Probably Wynn of Winnipeg. He has a stronger arm than Dickenson and Printers but he just haven't had many chances in game situations. Physically, the strongest arms usually belong to the biggest fit humans with greatest muscle mass and best technique.

Don't laugh , but if we are talking about who can throw it the longest and not who is best......allot of commentators [not just ARGO ones] have said that M. BISHOP has a really strong arm.

Nealon Greene has the strongest arm in the league, he won the CFL Quarterback challenge beating out all the other CFL QB's by throwing a 73 yard bomb.

GOOD point. :smiley:

i'm asking for who can throw the furthest.

BISHOP and GREEN. :smiley:

what teams do they play for?

Greene plays for Saskatchewan and Bishop is currently with the AFL but I think he's probably coming back to Toronto if I'm not mistaken.

Dan Marino, oops, he never played in the CFL, dammit! :oops:

Beening a BB fan, I'd say Michina, that new guy! :slight_smile:

I was going to say Printers but if Green won a contest in distace I would have to say Green

No question about it...Michael Bishop has the strongest arm in the league. In a practice he fired a ball through the uprights from the far 40yd line. By my math, that's 70yds without counting how deep into the end zone that ball went.

He didn't participate in the CFL (Damon Allen) QB Challenge because of his AFL commitments.

If only he were more accurate, patient, could read plays, etc....

Ted White has the strongest arm in the CFL. I heard a story of him in college standing with his feet together and throwing 70 yards.

If he ever learns to take something off of his throws and not overthrow his receivers he could be ok..


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