What positive spin will Ticat social media have the gall to put on this one?

Score totally flattered the Ticats. This was a dumpster fire.

"Als Eek by Ticats..."

Followed by...

"Get your 2023 Tickets. #HomeFieldAdvantage"


ticats get early draft pick


Listening to Ticats Audio makes me want to barf with all the arse-licking.

I know they are essentially employees of the team, but at least TRY to have a smidge of objectivity?


This is almost exactly what I expect...

Plus, some silly "aw shucks" drivel from "The Caretaker"...

We can draft a Burt bookend

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"Hamilton fans spared having to go to Toronto"


Is it Burt who has a younger brother named Kurtis who everybody is talking about?

I'm trying to alleviate the hurt with humour. It may not be working.

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It's not even "hurt" any more.

It's exasperation (and not with you, with the team)...


I think we need another major league team in his town to push the Ticats. Someplace
we can go other than our mecca down cannon st. every fri. or Sat. with the family
just to watch the Cats depress us.

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If the city were large enough and there was that level of interest in football in the area, it would be interesting to see what the Tiger-Cat ownership would do with actual competition...

As a Chicago Bear fan, I often wonder what the useless McCaskey family would do if the Cardinals were to ever move back to Chicago and push them for popularity in the city...


We should start a petition.

I got over the hurt long ago. Team lowered our expectations all year and after the first half it was just sit back and see if they could make some plays. I think what you saw today was a tired veteran team who was worn out from playing quasi playoff football for 4 weeks. Nothing left emotionally and physically and they came out flat all around.


Agree..but not just tired...talent deficient in key areas...

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Dylan Wynn was a huge loss and a guy like that could have made a difference today. Heart and soul of the d- line. But for sure, need more pieces on this team. Can’t bring back the same cast of aging vets and expect a better team next year.


Our front 7 is pretty good and not really the issue, other than we probably need a serious D End threat to compliment Howsare on the other side. The D Tackles are fine, outside of injury. The Secondary really needs to be looked at and I suspect that was why we had to play a lot of soft zone in games..

I don't buy the tired part. Had they won today and they laid an egg in Toronto I could give them a pass.
They had what amounted to an exhibition game last week with many key players having the last game off.


We've been on the back foot with overall talent all year long. We padded our record against patsies over the last few weeks ( Winnipeg and Calgary excepted, although the Calgary game could have gone wrong easily...). This lack of talent showed up when we needed it the most...

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You picked a bad time to boost the Cardinals at 3 - 6 and fading fast .