What position is easiest to fill???

In the past year I've read a lot on here about finding a new Kicker/QB/Receivers/DB's/LB's etc. Probably every position has been targeted at some point. With all the changes we've had recently what position do you think is generally the easiest to fill???

Armchair QB is the easiest to fill, every team carries about 10,000 of them on their inactive roster.

I’m going with rb cause you don’t really need one in this league.

All positions are easy to fill. The trick is to find a quality player at each position. And if you are really lucky a star.

The kicking position is easiest to fill this year because we haven't had a decent one in years.

I chose DB because there seem to be a lot of good DB’s floating around and it seems that we haven’t had nearly as much difficulty finding decend DB’s as we have finding quality players at other positions.

RB....warren and davis are out there for the picking

this is not an easy Question to answer . taking the import ratio into it, I have to go with DB, as there seems to be no set rule about Db,S are imports or not :slight_smile:

re-Drexl-I'm going with rb cause you don't really need one in this league.---------- Thats just your opinion?- IMO Running is an important part of Canadian football, it is just not the same as in U.s game .ALL grey cup teams have a solid running game to compliment the passing game, 89 riders are the only exception, and the Bombers from that era won without a passing game their running game moved the chains enough.

Kicker/Punter. Just because of the author of this thread... lol

Running back cause it's already done.

IMO, O-lineman.

Speed and finesse requirements are less.

As a position requiring less finesse,
despite Canada's historical lack
of top level coaching and competition
in schools and minor football programs,

Canadians become first string sooner
as O-linemen than at other positions.

Many become mainstays on CFL teams.

Is that the knife or the mind that is sharper?

The quill of the pen is sharpest of all.

For this team... Kicker.

Because regardless of who we throw in there... they'll do no worse than what we had last year.

Even if the new guy misses 17 yard kicks he'll still be just as good as Jamie was. It doesn't matter by how much you miss... a miss is a miss. So ANY kicker can fill Borehams shoes.

Wait a minute...

Charlie... can I come to practice today?