What percentage of Ticat players were on steroids between 1987 and 2010?

The use of performance enhancing drugs in football goes back earlier than 1970, but 1987 is an interesting cutoff, because that marks the beginning of a period when the NFL was testing for PEDs, but the CFL wasn’t.

So what was the ratio of clean Ticats to juicing Ticats from 1987 to 2010?

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It is impossible to know the ratio but it would be a pretty high percentage on the juice. The pressure to secure a job and later to maintain a competetive edge would pretty much force a requirement to use steroids.

There wasn’t very much, if any at all, drug testing period.
I wouldn’t be surprised that there were a majority of players that didn’t have “something” in their system (juice, pot, coke, etc).
Heck, the painkillers and opiates that were given out like candy on hallowe’en would get a player some unpaid time off these days…