What Part of Old Ivor Wynne Do You Want for a Momento?

Does anyone know if they are going to implode it with some explosives and then it collapses on itself like you see when buildings come down or are they going to physically remove all the nuts and bolts type of thing one by one? If the former, I'd like to be near there to take a photo.

How close would you want to be?

Too many houses too close for explosives, I would think.

I don't know, how close is safe enough for something like this assuming of course I don't want to get maimed or killed? :? :wink:

i think it would be peice by peice and considering the light stand fell down a few years back i dont think it would be to hard to demo but ill miss the old girl and her rustic ways

The Cats/city should sell off the planks (seats) and donate the proceeds to charity.
I for one would love to have my fathers row that he had for 50 + years. As previously
mentioned, would make a great back yard piece!

If anybody really wants their piece of plank, the team is now taking orders. :slight_smile:

$75.00 for a piece of yellow painted 2 x 12 seems like a bargain doesn't it?

[url=http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?productid=1268&cat=174&page=1]http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?prod ... 174&page=1[/url]

Stadium Yard Sale – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be hosting a yard sale at Ivor Wynne in November to sell off Tiger-Cats pieces of Ivor Wynne Stadium including chairs, tables, washroom signage and more. The date of this event will be determined once the CFL playoff schedule is set.

Oh darn, that washroom signage is probably going to go for a pretty penny, I was so hoping for a yellow piece of wood with 'Men' written on it.