What Part of Old Ivor Wynne Do You Want for a Momento?

I want the part of the wall where Big Ang embedded Leon McQuay into the concrete...

:D :D :D ;)

Oski Wee Debris,


I was lucky enought to get a section of seating from the southside last year, got the team to sign it, looks amazing if I do say so! :rockin:

The Pigskin Pete's Grill sign from the north concession stands...although it's a bit too big for my place.

I want to bottle some of the air in the men's room. I've never smelled anything quite like it anywhere else.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'd like to have the piece of turf that Dave Ritchie knelt upon after Ozzie kicked the winning fieldgoal. I bet his DNA is still embedded on that spot. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Unfortunately the turf Ozzie kicked on and Richie knelt on is laying rotting in a field in Ancster, purchased for a mini-put that never came about.
The 54 yard hash mark Oz kicked from was sold and the owner of the turf was selling other bits and pieces but for the most part I don't believe it was ever used.

From a Long Time ti cat fan
what would I take for a momento !!!!I think it would be the cheerleaders dressing room our anything from there
if not I ll settle for the old ARGO dummy
old pigskin petes jersey but that #77 banner could stand at the top of the list
gover was one of the

Go Cats Go
Lets make it our year

The Hand Washing Fountain in the men's washroom....It must be in good shape. it's never working!!! :cowboy:

Way back in the late sixties, when I was but a lad selling potato chips, or containers (pepsi or 7up) at then Civic Stadium, one of the young employees, at the end of a game, was allowed to reach into a popcorn machine in a push cart to eat the left-overs. (They would have only gone to waste anyway). Although I didn't see it happen, his cousin told me later that his last handful came out holding a dead rat.

While I wouldn't want the cart as a memento if it included the rat, having it, sans rodent, would certainly be a great conversation piece. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Don't pee on your hands.

A cinder block from the wall lining the field...

Perhaps the one John Priestner effectively ended Turner Gill's football career?

Section 8 is in the north stands which are not being torn down.

But the benches will all be replaced. His seat is for sale

I would strongly advise you against taking that.....

Harold Ballards big fur coat, and Dick Beddoes flask.

i think season ticket holders should be ablse to request there seats. Give us all hand saws well do it ourselves right after the game

I'd love a long potrait frame, with 3 photos of Ivor Wynne in it's last season: A shot of the Winter Classic, one of the Hip concert, and one of those wide angle shots of Ivor Wynne - maybe taken the last game?. Below that would be a crest with the logo representing the last season, and maybe slots to put 3 tickets from these events under each photo perhaps. Somewhere in bold letters it would say both Ivor Wynne Stadium, and the years. Perhaps top then bottom. At the very bottom, would be a picture. Actually somewhere in there, would be a numbered piece of a yellow bench seat (any seat for me), kind of like they do with hockey cards for sticks and jerseys and such.

Some sort of framed memorabilia such as this would be awesome. Or maybe a bunch of photos such as one of CIvic Stadium in 1930, the '72 Grey Cup, Winter Classic, The Hip, and Floyd. A few key highlights over the years.

Not true. The whole stadium is being torn down.

8) You had better have a strong saw if you sit in the box seats, because they are made of fibre glass !!

You have to look at the date Zen posted that. At that moment in history, the plan was to rebuild and those stands were to remain in the original plan. But ya, now we know she's all a comin' down.