What Part of Old Ivor Wynne Do You Want for a Momento?

When Yankee Stadium was torn down,
When Maple Leaf Gardens were being gutted and the Forum leveled,
Fans bought up the seats, the turf*, even the turnstiles.
What part of Ivor Wynne will you want and why?

Me? I could use the 2 X 12" that I sit on for a yard project.

  • Yes, even the original artificial turf at Ivor Wynne was sold to fans.

ill take the section 17 board it was the section the claws sponsored in memeory of my nephew

I'll take Danny Mac's 99 Grey Cup ring. Nothing much else is worth much to me

.......the 54 yard line.......east end

thanks :cowboy:

The "Lucky Penny".

There was, like what, four of them ?

I would like to have my season ticket seat, the one with the number written on, poorly I must say, with magic marker!

A brick from the north sideline “Wall.”
A family&friends photo with the wall of fame .
Already have a authentic signed gameball.

The north wall is not coming down You have to settle for a south wall brick

Yup, the board with the magic marker on it, priceless!

I own a discarded bench from section 21 with the old stencilled seat numbers. I made off with it during preseason plank replacements in 2004.

I want:

  1. The cart with whichTC ran over the Ref;
  2. A piece of the un-padded south stands wall on the sidelines;
  3. The camera cart that Big Ben used to plaster blew team players into;
  4. A piece of the old score-board; and
  5. Earl Winfield's (Praise Be His Name) Wall of Honour sign.

I want the old speak-and-spell "video board."

Not being native to Hamilton I still get north and south mixed up occasionaly, even after 25 years here . ,So a south end brick will do just fine thanks.

My Seat Board in Sec 8

Ya, section 8 says it all

:lol: Almost snarfed my coffee all over my keyboard!

Is that in Burlington?


If you’re truly a Section 8 then it’s wherever you want it to be.

I already possess my memento from IWS in the form of a scar from a sliver in my butt.

Received in 1996.

I wouldn't mind having a piece of mod sod though.

I remember Bubba Sliver. Defensive tackle, right? :wink: