What other stadiums have you been to?

CFL or otherwise. I think each stadium has its own character. That's what I like about IWS...it's old time charm and its awesome sightlines.

Other stadiums I've been to:

  • SkyDome = Blah.
  • Molson Stadium (2nd best in CFL - skyline view of Montreal is sweet)
  • Olympic Stadium (is awesome when there are 65 000 plus)
  • McMahon Stadium
  • Winnipeg Stadium
  • Celtic Park, Glasgow (great atmosphere; a bit rowdy)
  • Yankee Stadium (much nicer watching a baseball game here than in the dome)
  • Sydney Cricket Grounds (very spacy but I guess you need that for Aussie rules).

Nothing compares to our IWS, though!

Sky Dome (meh)
Taylor Field (meh)
Meadow Lands (meh)
Lambeau Field (great)
Soldier Field (good)
Drove Past that new Stadium in Arizona, looked pretty spectular

Great thread! I love the discussion today!

  • SkyDome = Terrible!
  • Molson Stadium - overrated. Sightlines are terrible (of course, I was in the endzone), the walk up that hill su*ks! But nice atmosphere and great fans!
  • McMahon Stadium - Alright...nothing special.
  • Winnipeg Stadium - Looks so big from the outside, but surprisingly intimate once you get in. I like it!
  • Commenwealth: What a Big Stadium should be like. Nice seats, sightlines, concession ect. Easily accessible. Great place to watch a game
    Frank Clair Stadium: TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE! Inadequate sound system. Replay board non viewable. METAL seats that are SO close together. Awful stadium!

That's my CFL stadium rundown! Of course, NOTHING compares to IWS, NOT EVEN CLOSE!

C.N.E. Stadium (Toronto....gone now)
Skydome (Toronto)
Frank Clair Stadium (Ottawa)

Drove past Olympic Stadium in Montreal a few times

...that's about it for my list :roll:

Been to TaylorField(or Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field lol)

McMahon Stadium which I really like because even the cheap seats are really good.

Skyreach Center(Rexall Place)

Great thread!
Skydumb - Like a wake for someone ya barely knew
Frank Clair - No wonder they cant keep a team
Molson - Uncomfortable but fun and intimate, plus the party all around
Olympic - So big and hot inside, but still fun
Taylor Field - A shrine, the stadium is OK, but the fans are awesome.
Rich Stadium - Is there anyplace that holds more drunks at one time? For the 4 pm starts there is actually line ups to pee in the sink 8)
Silverdome - Really fun but poor ammenities
Ford Field - State of the art, great service, no parking, great team band.
Cleveland Browns stadium (new)- Great place to watch a game, but a little weak for tailgaiting, don't know where all the drunks come from. (Burlington? :stuck_out_tongue: )
Cleveland Browns stadium (old)- The mistake by the lake, well nicknamed.
Three Rivers - What a blast! Big league fun.
Soldier Field - Awesome place for football, not a bad seat in da house, the BEST food.
Alltell stadium (Jacksonville)- Nice building, solid fans, great organization and great view.
Ottawa Civic centre - something fun about a small NHL crowd, even if the Sens were (are?) ankle biters.
Memorial Aud Buffalo - Charming in a decrepit way. What were those things dangling from the roof? Loved the old staircases where Sabretooth would catch us smoking/ mixing drinks :oops:
HSBC - Great seats and sightlines, food kinda lousy, good excuse to go get wings before/after (or hint at Sundowner :oops: )
Contenental Airlines (New Jersey)- Surprisingly fun. Great fans. Good sightlines, ample parking. Traffic :thdn:
RBC - Raleigh Carolina - The game I went to was their first ever sellout, basketball banners everywhere (until this year), tailgate parties, cheerleaders, fans that knew squat about hockey. The greatest Nascar on ice.
The Checkerdome (St. Louis) - A dog food box for a roof, strange building setup, awkward to find your seats, crazy & loud fans, carnival atmosphere, girls definately from the "show me" state :wink:
The Igloo - Pittsburgh :lol: well :lol:
Old Chicago Stadium - About as much fun a person could have at a sporting event. Obnoxious fans, amazing organ, great sightlines, steamy, good beer and food, and smack dab in da ghetto. Old words of wisdom.. leave with the crowd.
Tiger Stadium - intimate and reeks with cheap hotdogs that smell like vomit with fried onions. It was nice to be on top of the players. Been there twice, saw 2 aftergame brawls? It's baseball people :roll:
Fenway Park - About as silly as it gets. The builders must of been more sauced than the fans. Nice tradition but...
Cominsky Park (White Sox)- Nice park, great seats, friendly fans, a good family outing just no wandering around the neighbourhood.
Wrigley Field - Simply amazing. My favorite sporting venue hands down. A great big party!
Exhibition Stadium - Toronto - just added for comic relief.
Olympic stadium - Expos - Were they playing for just me? I know way to much about Yuppi.
TD Waterhouse - Orlando
Great fans, great seats, a lot of fun, a good basketball town
American Airlines - Miami
Kinda dismal, nasty staff, nasty neighbourhood, tons of big black clothes (drapes) hanging up. Not recommended at all.
Palace of Auburn Hills - As intimidating of a place as you will ever visit. The only place I have ever been scared of cheering for the visitors. I think there is an express line for those whom are packing handguns. No wonder visiting players have brawls there. The fans are NASTY. :twisted:
IWS - Great sightlines, great fans (wake up people) great tradition, great stadium staff (ushers), great memories, awesome atmosphere... Just win baby :slight_smile:

Ivor Wynne
Rogers Centre
Lansdowne Park
Ralph Wilson Stadium
Bell Centre

IWS, great place to be
Copps Colisuem- Bulldogs, Toronto Rock
ACC-Rock and Toronto Phantoms
Skydome (and will alwasy be the Dome)- Argo-nots and Vanier
Ricoh Coliseum- Road Runners

While doing the drive across the country, will see CFL games @:
Canad Inns

ive only been to a few lol

taylor feild
The old seattle kingdome
credit union center

skydome- s.u.c.k.s
frank clair - very nice
Mcmahone- very clean

Skydome-prefer the dome closed.
Frank Clair-Concessions were terrible
Molson Stadium-took the shuttle so the walk up wasn't a problem :smiley: wasn't thrilled by the seats, but we had all the crazy Ticat fans on our side of the stadium so it was lots of fun.

Next year I'm heading out west

Oh we are counting Junior hockey rinks, well then add:

Saskatchewan Place(Credit Union Center)
Moose Jaw Civic Center/Crushed Can

I have been fortunate to have been to
Tiger Stadium
Pontiac Silverdome [ great if you like concrete and metal]
IWS absolutey gteat place to see football
Mcmahon Stadium
Canad Inns Stadium
Exibition Stadium to see 1980 Grey Cup
Clarke Stadium and Commonweath
Co-merica Park

IWS-absolutely love
Exhibition Stadium-miss it
SkyDome/Rogers blah blah blah-
Frank Clair (End Zone for Grey Cup)
BC Place-awesome with 60000 on hand, good sightlines
up next, Canad Inns in Winnepeg!

IWS-Simply the best
Frank Clair Stadium
Molson Stadium
Ralph Wilson Stadium
Bell Centre
HSBC Arena
TD Waterhouse Stadium-London
Alumni Stadium-Guelph
Ricoh Coliseum
Husky Stadium-Touchdown Atlantic

Great post--stuff like this is fun--I thought Taylor field was not bad--Winnepeg is not bad also-IWS went to the first game and you are right not a bad seat in the house from what I could tell but ther are two stadiums you MUST go to befoe you die-- Meieke stadium at West Point go after october the first after the trees have turned breath-taking and also Keenan stadium at the University of north carolina builtin a revene but lined at the top of the stadium with pine trees once again go in late fall and then tell me they are not the two best for pure beauty/setting to watch a football game no matter what league it is in

Argodome: You guys are giving it a hard time, but I wouldn't trade it for any other place I've been to. I'm in the endzones 2nd level and that's closer than alot of the seats and I realize being too far from the action is a major drawback for most seats in the Dome. Sorry, but I LIKE having cushioned seats with armrests and a cup holder facing the jumbotron and with in seat service in my front row aisles to boot. (All for just over $300 for a pair of seasons)

IvorWynn: I've actually seen the Argos win more than lose there so the stadium is growing on me. I don't like the benches but I bring a cushion and it's fine. Sightlines are great.

Molson Stadium: Upper level seats on north side are the best place to watch the game, just awesome. Been fortunate to be on the field with the Argos one year and that was the best.

Big O: Any stadium is great filled, and with 65000 at the Grey Cup in 2001 it was electric.

Frank Clair: Good atmosphere with lots of people but yeah, it was getting pretty run down/dirty the last few years. Hopefully new owner of the Gades will come along and clean the place up and put new sound system/jumbotron in.

Taylor Field: They need a new turf bad, but the rest is fine.

Commonwealth: The seats are sooooo far back, yeah, like Argodome, but wow, what great crowds they get there.

BC Place: Maybe it's just me but I like my Domes with a retractable roof. :wink:

Taylor Field, great parking, good concessions, wild crowd, of course you want to be in the west side, lest you be "baked" on the eastern "Winnipeg Seats"

Sky Dome, its too empty, and "very far from the field" from the seats. Also quite expensive!

IWS-quite intimate, concessions are upgraded (but could go another step). Parking is still an issue (and always will be) Probably one of the best you can ever be at.

Okay I got to attend exactly one game at Dallas, some ten years ago...
You HAD to travel by bus to the stadium, as the parking where you have 60,000 fans is a nightmare. Even so, a half mile route march up and down berms to get to the stadium.

Unfortunately, oxygen masks are not provided in the upper levels, even if advisable, and the view is miniscule (I guess God's eyes are better at getting a view, with the roof open!).

If you are going to watch something worth your attention, the cheerleaders are fabulous! (Bring high power binoculars)

If you want a beer and a hot dog at half time, be prepared to hand over about 35 US, and wait for "your" dog to cook (based on two people)(ten years ago)

On exiting the stadium, be prepared for a repeat of the final scenes of "Exodus", and a horrid traffic snarl, buses or not!

The CFL is so attractive!

Definately Frank Clair Stadium by far the best in the East. Someone mentioned "metal seats close together" ?? must be the Upper Deck southside cheap seats. Never sat there.
We always sat in the covered North stands. Frank Clair has more comfortable, fold up seats than most stadiums. It has by far the best site lines in the CFL.
Sorry IWS doesn't come close.

Sound system and video boards I agree could have been better - but really who cares about sound systems and video.

For CFL:
Ivor Wynne
Exhibition Stadium
Molson Stadium
Big Owe
Frank Clair-treacherous when it rains
St. Mary's U., Halifax
B C Place
(Canad Inns for Grey Cup '06)

Yankee Stadium
Camden Yards
Memorial Stadium (old Oriole park)
Jacobs Field
Municipal Stadium (old Indians' park)
Tiger Stadium
Miller Park
Three Rivers
Grant Field
Big Owe
Parc Jarry
whatever the old Anaheim stadium was
Dodger Stadium

NCAA Football:
The Big House
Carrier Dome
Rose Bowl

Major Div.I College Hoops:
Carrier Dome
Crisler Arena
Silver Dome
Superdome (final 4's)

Ralph Wilson
Cleveland Municipal
Three Rivers