What only 26000 fans at the crygary stadium????????????????

They can't even sell out their high school stadium for the western semifinal????? that is brutal and embarassing....

I agree. I'd be embarassed to be a calgarian right now, not only because their team lost but also of the poor attendance for a home playoff game agaisnt the eskimos. And it's not like it was completely freezing cold outside, when the game started CBC said it was +4 degrees out.

.....definately a head scratcher....but the ones that were there were loud..........before you retort, know this........the stamps org sent 1000 tickets to edmonton with notice that as soon as those were sold another 1000 would be on the way........they sold 150........

no offence, but i went down to your stadium in 1993 for the grey cup, i would never go back , those are the smallest most uncomfortable seats i have ever seen in a stadium.............

Yeah, I'm puzzled by the attendance too. I would have thought more Eskie fans would have made the trip as well.

I expected a sell out...Hmm Guessed wrong!

it was actually 26 900 someting but still, i drove down to the game and i thought it was the best weather out of any playoff games i've attendend. shame shame on calgary.

That's because half the population of Calgary moved there from Saskatchewan. No one there wants to see the Stamps or Eskies. You should see it when the 'Riders play there. Heh.

hahaha so true

unless im mistaken, you dont need much passion to watch football in 10C, do u?

or maybe(almost for certain) they just didnt want to watch their team's hopes of a grey cup be dashed by their nemesis as they knew it would be

I have a feeling eskimoswinitall and wierdo are twin brothers!

That doesn't say much about Saskatchewan, does it?

Yep another reason to dislike some of the rider fans and their egos. 10,000 out of a million people.

i wouldn't be too proud to say most of my province lives in alberta,lololol, what a group....

Hey I am starting to like you after all.

Ever been to BC place…
Stamp 78

I happen to live in cowtown, and yes, I was embarrased, only 26 000 people? I guess the stamps fans just couldnt take the fact that after a horrible loss, the MIGHTY EDMONTON ESKIMOS come back really hard. I guess they just couldn't stand to see their team whooped like that! poor babies!

i went to both calgary vs sask and edm vs sask and at both games there
were more rider fans than than the home team.i also went to hamilton this season and there was lots of rider fans there to.you cant get mad at the fact the riders have great fans all over canada.

stop lying buddy... 6,000-7,000 rider fans at commonwealth at the very most. You're saying half...what a joke.

were you there the fan turn out for the eskies was the big joke.like i said
my brother is a eski fan and he even thinks there was more rider fans at the last game than eskie fans.next time you are there go to the endzones and take a big look around you will see green all over the place.

Endzone seats under the jumbotron are usually tarped, they were uncovered that game. The endzone has a capacity of 10,000, and at that game they were half full thats five thousand rider fans(if the endzone was indeed all rider fans). Next to that there were only small groups of 10 or so scattered between the 0 and 15(this is the area where i was seated, and i did attend all esks games this year). We'll estimate these rider fans between 1 and 2 thousand. That leaves us with 5-7 thousand at the most. The attendance at that game was 53,000 and there is no way that half of the stadium occupied by rider fans as you claim(that would be 26,000). You think Eskimo attendance is a joke? You do realize we have the best attendance in the league with an avg. of 42,000 per game(lowest attendance was vs. ottawa at 36,000). You wanna know who the real joke is, its the rider fans for having trouble selling out a 28,000 seat stadium. I'd like to try some of whatever you rider fans smoke.


In the background of the 6th and 7th pictures from the bottom it shows just how much rider fans filled out the cheap endzone seats. (I'm being far too generous by saying you had 5,000)