What! ... no Casey Printers show this week?

Has it been pulled "off the air" for obvious reasons?

Or perhaps #1 hurt himself during the coin toss yesterday :twisted:

Or perhaps it was a game day and a holiday :roll:

Oh yes, my bad.

Kept thinking yesterday was Monday.

Sorry Casey.

Casey Printers has not put on a show since he got here. Oh you mean the other show.

Don't quite your day job, skippy.

Perhaps they could re-title the show to - "The Second Stringers Show" or "Who Has Lost Their Starting Job"
Then the CHML could put even more high priced, under used and over hyped talent on the air.
Heck, they could have a new featured guest every week 'til next season with a format like this.

I would like to remind all Casey bashers that not so long ago, he was a MOP on a championship team. Yes I know that his trip to the NFL was probably the worst thing he ever could have done, and I also know that his "enthusiasm" or "cockiness" irritated many. Casey came here in with high expectations, he was supposed to lead the Cats to the promised land. We all know that one guy can't make that much of a difference.

I suggest that Casey never really had much of a chance here. He came here hurt, had putrid pass blocking, the worst receiving corps in the league, not to mention that his defense was so bad that he would have had to put up 30 pts a game to have a chance to win. His playbook was childishly simple compared to the top offenses in the league. His coach didn't seem to want to be there. His feature RB was made of porcelaine, and there was a lack of talent a many postions. I also suggest that if you stick Casey in a better situation, with guys who can block and catch, on a team where the D can consitantly hold the score down to a point where the Cats have a chance, things probably would be different.

I'd take Casey on my team anyday. I imagine that this season has been a humbling experience for him. there are some posts that suggest the maybe he will sign on with the Als this off season. Let him back up AC for a year and work on regaining his form, cause if he regains his BC form on a team with supporting talent, watch out.

Casey is still under contract for next season, so it'd be kind of hard for him to sign on with MTL this offseason, and there is no indication that management is cutting him anytime soon.

I know, but I would be willing to bet that he will be cut loose before the 2009 season opener. Too expensive, specially now that Porter seems to be able to handle the job at a fraction of the price.

Nice try Mrs. Printers.

Casey is still under contract. However, I would trade him to the Als for Anwar Stewart and Chip Cox.

Cox you can have....

Anwar....yeah right!! The Best contain rush end in the league, not a big guy on sack totals but he forces QBs to stay within range of the tackles.

Who do you think Popp is...Obie???

Perhaps he heard the sportscast in Vancouver that he's going to Toronto or Saskatchewan next year!



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