What NFL team does everyone cheer for?

What’s your favourite NFL team???

Mine is the Bills. Gonna be an exciting year for them, having a young QB at the helm. J.P. Losman is the white Michael Vick.



Kinda have a few. I like players more than teams, so I tend to change over time depending on where is everybody.

1- Chargers
2- Chiefs
3- Lions
4- Jaguars
5- Bills
6- Steelers

The Chiefs should be a huuuge threat this year now that they added so much needed talent to their defensive unit. Among my six teams, they should be the one which has the best chances of going the distance.

The Bills and Lions are teams of the future with the amazing young rookies they have on board. Losman, McGahee, Evans in Buffalo. Harrington, Jones, Williams in Detroit. Great rebuilding!

Out of respect for CFL, I refuse to watch an NFL game until Grey cup is over. Other than that, I don't watch much NFL since I have my CFL. While I might agree that the talent level is not as high, I find the CFL refreshing in that the players play mostly for the love of the game as the money really isn't that good.

Mine has always been the Bears, I'm not that optimistic about them but have like them since the Walter payton days.

I also respect the Patriots organization. I really admire how they run their franchise and how it's been used as a model, not only for other NFL fanchises, but for other businesses.

What's with the censorship on this site? My post that was deleted wasn't offensive.

Shouldn't you guys work on the thousand bugs and incomplete sections there are on the site instead of arbitrary deleting posts?

i wasnt aware they had censorship

I wasn't aware censorship could be this off-target.

Apparently, you can say on this board that you hope gay people will lose the right to marry and the admin will consider it clean.

But don't go joking about comparing your loyalty to the CFL to your loyalty to your wife because that is plain unacceptable.

why...whatd you say

Ya what did you say? I'm curious.

Maybe they hired someone from the CBC to censor....Afterall the CBC hasn't reported a word on the Gomerey Hearings back East.....LOL Coincidence?

Hey Third & Ten, what did you say that was bad?

i thought the canadian media wasnt allow to cover the gomerey hearings...or am i thinking of something else?

and CBC doesnt censor...TBS censors, has anyone here seen Die Hard on TBS

nope and i dont plan on it... damn now im curious about wat u said Third and Ten

Lol... I didn't expect to get this much attention with this.

I replied to Riderfanatic, who said "Out of respect for CFL, I refuse to watch an NFL game until Grey cup is over."

I asked him if he turns his head away when he crosses beautiful women, out of respect for his wife. Then I elaborated by saying you don't need to keep yourself from appreciating something you like out of respect for something else you like even more. This is especially true when it comes to football because the league itself doesn't have feelings. I said the CFL didn't mind that you'd watch other sports (or other leagues) beside itself. I finished by saying that the CFL wasn't a jealous lover, but since he was such a good catholic he could apply for the Pope's job who is currently opened. It was just tongue-in-cheek and I don't know what was unacceptable in that comment.

Anyways, maybe my post just disapeared because of another bug. Let's move on, but if you guys see your posts disapear as well, just mention it so we get an idea of how things are going in here.

yeah...i was to freak when i heard riderfanatic say that, but i didnt.....cuz i love the CFL, but the NFL is awesome too. i can sit down and watch 9 or 10 straight hours of NFL, but the CFL isnt on that much. mainly, i watch all types of football. NFL Europe, AFL, NFL, CFL, and hopefully it wont be too long before Canadian Arena Football hits us, i hear saskatoon's gettin a team

ok... ive never heard of either the AFL(except Arena Football League), or the NRL... and i would have to say that in my opinion basketball is right up there with golf and badmintan wen it comes to physical play, and as far as im concerned those arnt real sports, now football rugby and hockey... those are sports, hell ill even accept soccer before basketball

I watch NFl games once the CFL is over, but I can't say I cheer for any teams. I generally just watch NFL games cause I miss the CFL. :cry: I know I don't like the Bills, Raiders, Patriots, Rams, Giants, Jets, Eagles or the Cowboys.

the only teams worth cheering for in the NFL are the teams that are playing the teams i hate but in a few years im hoping I can cheer for the best young Canadian player of all time.... Jesse Lumsden(think thats spelled wrong)... anyone else watch the Shrine Bowl? Lumsden owned that game, 5 carries 47 yards or something and he was part of a wide reciever reverce that was on TSN's Hounor Roll for like 2 weeks... Bottom line, Jesse Lumsden is one of the best running backs I have ever seen compaired to his peers

Okay Blazer, er, Neil...your son ain't THAT good.

Hey Turd, a rather stellar top six, I must say...

How does a guy from Montreal cheer for the Bolts??