What next?

Nothing glaring,nothing huge,just a whole lot of little gaffes adding up to another loss.I want to see Chang start at QB next week after 1st string reps all week.Maas was not bad,but may be better on the sidelines as backup.We can be effective with both.Defence is going to be awesome when Tay is back and Karikari is in at safety.OL was much better and will be great when we get our injuries back.Lumsden rocks,throw a few more to Cory and our offence will shine.Overall I'm actually feeling a little optimistic going into BC for the first time in a while.Thoughts?

our recieving core was better tonight and hopefully this McCants guy will make even better

and i have heard that we signed juran bolden and peter boulware

so with juran bolden on our team we can put karikari back at safety

and with chang starting and cutting down on the penalties a bit


You say thoughts ? Manies