What needs fixing?

I am fairly certain that Andrew Wetenhall is convinced that the upcoming capping football operations will allow the team to be more competitive as the Als are in a financial disadvantage compared to other teams. Instead, maybe he should realize that other teams are in a better position because somebody not named Andrew Wetenhall is making football decisions.

That was Reed's biggest mistake. But it was brought on by a lack of "network and connections" that are mandatory for success as a CFL GM. So let's say they fire Mack... Reed's still has no network or connections to replace him. So the GM has to go as well.

Personally, if there isn't any movement at season's end in that front office. I will take that to indicate the team has been quietly put up for sale. Which would be a great thing. Either way there will be change because the Wetenhall won't take on the losses that are coming their way.

Those changes were clearly brought on at the Wetenhall's request. It will free up some talent and cut cost but it won't add revenues and that's where their problem lies.

Lewis seemed to be alright last night. I noticed him a heck of allot more than Jackson.

The home game against Edmonton saw approximately 16k fans and change.
Last night, you were there, was it not 18k and change?

One could argue nor do the coordinators re X's and O's.

I think without trading for Manziel and playing him the crowds at this point would be around 10 000. they have about 7500 season ticket holders and I figure they might get 2500 in walk ups and give aways/discounted tickets. at most crowds would be 12 000.

The bottom would have definitely fallen out already. Manziel prevented that. I could not believe the amount of Manziel jerseys, saw at least a hundred Als #2 jerseys.

Quite a few Americans as well, not so much in our section but noticed them as we made our way into the stadium. (I assume they were, not too many Montrealers own Browns or A&M gear).

Without Manziel, I figure they probably would have been around the 15-16k mark last night.
After that, it's anyone's guess now as to how many will show up now.

As for Manziel jerseys, they showed one of the boutiques at the stadium being sold out.
Not sure if they were all sold out.

They also panned on a fan in the stands who had a #22 jersey (I presume it may have been a Boulay jersey) and he blocked off one of the "2" on the back and had a hand written "Manziel" name bar othinking. on the back.
In a way I liked his thinking. He can easily remove the Manziel and have whomever's name still on it.

I agree. Jones has never accomplished anything as a CFL coach. That is a critical position right now.

The rookie CIS Special Teams coach I don't know. Considering the issues on offense and defense how much time can they allocate in practice to special teams? 10 percent? His teams have been awful. two turnovers for 14 points last night. 3 missed field goals last week and the penalties! Its incredible, they take penalties on every single ST play. They even fell into the Hamilton kicker yesterday and kept a drive alive.

As for Defense. I'm at a lost to explain what the hell happened there. This is the worst defense that Stubler has ever put out onto a football field. And its staffed with all players he requested !

Well at least you have Shakira to look forward to. Probably will be a better show than the game last night. :wink:

Donovan, the ex Concordia Stingers HC. And yes, the ST have been awful too.

We are having a great holiday. Today my Brother in Law is Smoking beef Ribs for us and I brought a case of Lodi Ranch Red. Sun is shinning by the pool ! I'm glad I took the boys, its something we've done every summer for a long time, I'm glad they will be lifelong CFL fans. The younger one is being deployed in a few weeks to Romania to serve his country with the 425. I won't see him till next year.

Prochainement il y aura les coupures de la NFL, moment opportun pour chacune des équipes de la LCF pour pallier à leurs lacunes. Kavis Reed ne semble pas avoir le réseau nécessaire pour en profiter, et rien ne me laisse croire que ça sera différent cette année. Si Kavis Reed doit partir, c'est maintenant afin de s'assurer qu'un gars avec un minimum de réseau puisse profiter des coupures de la NFL.

Quant à Sherman, je ne le considère pas comme un responsable de la situation des Alouettes, même s'il à sa part de responsabilité en tant que HC. Son attitude de laisser-faire par rapport à ses coordonnateurs n'est pas tant un problème en soi, mais considérant que lesdits coordonnateurs sont Khari Jones et Rich Stubler, ça empire les choses. Je crois qu'il pourrait être un assistant-DG intéressant puisqu'il a pu amener un certain nombre de ses connaissances dans l'équipe (ce n'est pas difficile d'avoir un meilleur réseau que Joe Mack mais bon...).

They need to pay out Reed and find someone qualified who wants to take the job. Is there someone out there? If there isn't, then they have to hire a firm to go looking because the Wetenhall's have no clue how to evaluate candidates.

Enjoy the time with the family!

The TiCats were heavily favored in this game and after losing 3 straight is was a must win for them. When they have played stronger defenses they have not looked so good. We made them look like GC champs last night.

Obviously JF had a terrible debut and people have been arguing about whether he should have even been allowed to play yesterday. As bad as it was, I still come down on the side that his playing would benefit him more than just sitting. This game was definitely a wake up call for him and gives him a much better idea of what he needs to do. He admitted he had some nerve issues and who wouldn't given the situation, hype and how long it has actually been since he last played a football game.

Interesting that Doug Flutie and him have been communicating back and forth for some years now. Flutie congratulated him for coming to the CFL and he was excited that JF was traded to the Als. I would like to know what he communicated to JF after this game.

Obviously, JF has a way to go to get close to his former self but at least he is now on his way. Flutie alternated with another QB his first year and he didn't play that well. He had more interceptions than TDs and his completion % was only 52.8. It took him time to learn the CFL game just as it will for JF.

One thing JF did show last night..... He is a pretty good tackler. LOL

Je vais sûrement me faire lancer des tomates, mais Kent Austin est disponible

Were I to be Wetenhall, and there is no viable candidate to step in as GM now and try to right the ship (as in, Jim Barker says ‘no thanks’), then here’s what I’d do.

The day the season ends, fire Reed, Mack, most all of the scouts, Sherman and his entire staff.

Then, I dangle a wad of money and an iron clad guarantee of full autonomy without any interference to these two men, offering them the position of President of Football Operations.

John Hufnagel and Wally Buono.

If one accepts, they get carte blanche to hire a GM (or assume that position himself if so choose), and that GM then hires a head coach who then hires a staff.

Would it happen? I don’t know. There’s no challenge for Huf in Calgary, maybe he’d like a challenge (which running the Als certainly would be). Wally? Well he’d be coming home, maybe he’d like to make a mark.

No quick-fixes in current deplorable Als situation.

First part of a slow-fix is cleaning out the vermin in the Als executive suite - ie. Kavis, Drowsy Joe Mack, Slow-Talkin' Mike Sherman, Boxcar Willy, etc.

Here's the group I'd chose from in re-building the organization:

Jim Barker, Tom Higgins, Matt Dunigan, Hufnagel

Lower level scouting: Duane Forde, Brendan Taman

Coaching (head & assistants): Plop La Police, Tom Higgins, Matt Dunigan, Ricky Ray, Travis Lulay.

Jean-Marc Edme - Knows his stuff, does the legwork on the east coast for Ottawa,
Francophone, has experience in Montreal(worked under Popp).Cheap(Operations cap +
Reed's salary are going to be considerations).Payed his dues.

It will not be Joey Abrams.

It will not be John Murphy(Family+ young children lives in Texas - See Popp in N.C).

Mike Riley - HC
brings Danny Langsdorf(Don Mathews disciple) as OC.