What needs fixing?

Oh! Has this team sunk to a miserable low. It is worse than Johnny was expecting. Here is a list of what Johnny believes needs fixing.

-Quarterback. Let's give Manziel a chance to learn the offense. Johnny actually felt bad for him during the game. He hasn't had enough time to prepare.

-Offensive line. We've got some new better players, but these guys will need to play together for a while, before they know how to play with each other.

-Receiving corps. We have Cunningham who is adequate to good. Ernest Jackson is useless and everyone else is mediocre.

-Defensive line. John Bowman is the only good player on the DL. Everyone else is sub par.

-Chip Cox has lost a step. Brandon Dozier is effective playing at linebacker, but not as defensive back.

-Several of the players on defense are phoning it in and missing tackles. Tyquwan Glass is sub par in the secondary.

-Rich Stubler's defense is not effective anymore. He should be replaced.

-The US scouting is horrible. Joe Mack cannot find even one international defensive tackle that is serviceable.

-Joe Mack needs to be fired.

-Kavis Reed has proven he cannot do the job, and should also be fired.

-Rich Stubler should also be replaced.

  • Oline coach needs to be fired, he doesn't know what he's doing.
  • QB coach/consultant needs to be brought in even on a short contract basis (Garcia, Flutie, Allen) would be ideal. A guy who understands the game Vernon and Manziel want to play.

Kent Austin already has a relationship with Johnny Manziel (Austin stated in many Ticat media conferences that he played an ongoing role luring Manziel to the CFL). I would bring Austin in ASAP this year as Montreal's GM, evaluating everything/everyone for the rest of the year (like Obie did when the Ticats were a mess),then let Austin hire a new coaching/scouting staff next year (I doubt any of the current coaches/scouts would be retained).

Montreal needs one very experienced, competentfootball mind to call the shots for the whole organization (Reed has failed in this regard). Austin would be my choice.

Nik Lewis says step #1 for a QB is learning CFL Defenses. That is even before learning the playbook. Johnny Manziel has a long way to go before he gets passed the first stage.

When Vernon Adams started the previous game, Lewis implied that VA is not much better as he could not detect and counter an incoming blitz. Now that I think about it... When Herb Zurkowsky first wrote that Adams could not read defenses, he must have gotten that critique from the player who every reporter goes to get a quote from: Nik Lewis.

Surprised Mike Sherman is not on the list. I strongly suspect he pushed for a trade for Johnny Manziel even though neither he nor Manziel has been in the CFL long enough to know what they are doing.

Sherman does seem out of his depth.

Lol Nik Lewis also ripped the Montreal Alouettes organization a new ay hole...check his twitter rants...ruthless

Kent Austin isn't a GM. He's a football coach. One who does not believe in running the football and has a terrible temper. I don't think he's the right guy for this. Now another side of me would love to see Andrew Wetenhall come and tell Austin how to do his job :)But then again, Kent may end up incarcerated.

He is absolutely right. Nik has seen this clusterf... from up close. Als sold an extra 5000 tickets because of Manziel and by the looks hundreds of Jerseys. That is a cool half to a million dollars.

Except it was a one time thing. I bought 3 of them.

Is the average ticket between $100.00 to $200.00,HfxTC? It would have to be so,in order to get between $500,000 and $1 million for extra 5,000 customers. Maybe there was a profit of $1,000 on each sweater sold.

The most probable amount varies more between $200,000 and $250,000, for your 5,000 additional customers.


You trippin Richard. 200k would mean an average ticket price of 40.00, its more like 70.00 then you add the food, the beer and the jerseys and your at least at 500k in extra revenues. (Never claimed they were net profits).

Also rounded the number down to 5000, I think its closer to 6500 but does it matter? The intent is the same no?

Johnny, surprised you haven`t started a Fire Sherman thread. :slight_smile: I wanted to see a fair sample size, but it looks like he is in over his head.

He is very monotone in his interviews and doesn`t come across as being a motivator.

And when he was hired he said he saw several things with CFL motion that he would like to take advantage of. We have seen none of that in the Als offense.

In any case, as I wrote earlier, the whole thing has to be blown up at the end of the season. Hard to do now because potential replacements are tied up with their teams. Hiring replacements now, you`re just hiring guys that happen to be available, not necessarily the best options long term.

I say start with Kavis ... Barker likely best available, experienced CFL GM ... let him make some
"band-aid" moves with an eye to the future ... say a QB coach (Kent Austin?) who could be next years' HC/OC ...

Barker has shown in Toronto that he can build a hell of a front office and find the Canadian talent. Don't let him coach! If he wants to keep Sherman, then they will need to find him some better coordinators. Because when it comes to X and O's of the CFL. He hasn't got a clue.

That's a good point Sheldon. Sherman isn't working out, that's true. But, Johnny almost sees him as a victim.

Reed convinced Sherman to take the job, and then Reed pretty much hired his coaching staff (Stubler, Jones). The man was doomed to fail as soon as he took the job.

Maybe Reed fires Sherman to once again save his arse.

If i go to a game with my family im guaranteed to drop at least 200$ just on beer and food. I can imagine alot more fans are in my shoes and spend the same.

Took my two sons yesterday in the all you can eat section... (not all you can drink...)

Tickets with fees $243.00
Beer and Water $120.00
Parking $25.00
3 daily transit pass $30.00
2 ball caps $78.00
Total close to $500.00, $400.00 of which went straight into the Wetenhall's coffers (I'm not going to include the gas from Chicoutimi to Montreal and back $140.00) or the Wife's shopping to "make it even" LMAO.

Those who buy tickets know what it costs :)those who don't... well you know they think you can go to a football game for forty bucks....


You guys have some good young talent on the Dline. Foote, Banner, Baron, Brown and Joseph will all get better with more reps

The strongest part of you team is definitely the Linebacking corps. Muamba and Ackie are both up their in tackles, these aren't tackles five yards up the field. Dozier looks good on the strong-side.

The most disappointing part is your secondary. You guys spent money in free agency and these guys need to be better.


Oline has some talent, just need a coach to get them to gel.

Recievers have been dissapointing.

Running backs will do better once the Oline gets going.

QB's stick with one and hope they progress.

I wrote $200,000 to $250,000,based on addition of 4,000 to 5,000 fans. For me, I base the average ticket price at $50.00. I am quite positive that most of the additional fans did not pay more than $50.00,excluding taxes.


That's a big list and the US scouting needs to be completely overhauled.

And that overhaul must begin with the firing of Joe Mack, who, based on his record in Winnipeg, should never have been hired in the first place.