What must the Eskimos do differently against the Tiger-Cats this week?

WEEK TWO - 22 June 2018

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 38 Edmonton Eskimos 21

And that was in Edmonton! What mustthe Eskimos do better on Thursday to beat the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton?


Hamilton has a competent offense and very good defense. Their special teams are better than the Eskimos. But the Eskimos have a better offense.

I think the Eskimos need to correct the problems they’ve had all year long:

  • Keep penalties to a minimum
  • Do a better job covering kicks and containing opposing kick returners
  • Control the ball on offense in the second half (mix some run plays with the passing game). No 2-and-outs after halftime.

On Offense:

Short week so the Eskies will stay the course and play a short passing and run game with a couple of tweaks on offense. Gable in to pass protect and power run up the gut on the delay trap. Dump the ball off on checkdowns to the inside SB’s. Spread the ball horizontally passing wise to both the RB/FB and the WR’s if the Ti-Cats load the box.

On Defense:

Pick their spots to pressure Massoli with zone blitzes from the weak side bringing six man pressure with Sherritt and Mulumba/Konar, but take away the underneath passing early. Tasker and Saunders will put pressure on Edwards and Hightower and they must be in sync to put the Ti-Cats in 2nd and 5+. Rush DE Kwaku Boateng has to school Avery Jordan at LT all night long and flush Massoli from the pocket, but the absolute key players are Almondo Sewell and Mike Moore who have to collapse the pocket on an almost every down pace. Massoli has 7 fumbles and 8 picks, 4, 5 and 6 man pressure will bring good things especially if the secondary can take away the Ti-Cats check down guys in Tasker and Saunders.

On Special Teams:

Just don’t do anything stupid like fumble the ball. In all honesty Jamil Smith is a small guy at 5’ 6" 155 lbs. and he does some crazy stuff to try and get a few extra yards. Jordan Robinson is the better returner both in average and in securing the ball, but he is a RB. Sean “Money” Whyte will be good from 45+ and their punt cover team is solid.

You’re pretty sure then that both C.J. Gable and Jalen Saunders will be pencilled back into their respective lineups.


That’s what I heard and it was confirmed today with the depth charts.

What the bloody hell? With a 24-13 lead midway through the fourth quarter and third down on the Tiger-Cat 38 yard, why would Coach Jason Maas elect to punt instead of sending Sean White out to kick a field goal?

Instead of playing to win, the Eskimos played the second half yesterday as if they thought the Tiger-Cats could be counted upon to find a way to lose.


Offense choked for the 3rd game this season. It’s the bloody CFL and you can’t score under 25 and expect to win. This could 100% lead to a .500 season and Maas getting fired!