What must each team do to win the western final?

Sincere fans need only reply. Keep the smack talk out of this post.
BC--Defense- The lions must contain Joesph on defense.( I believe they will be doing this by having one player spying on him at all times.)
Offence- Sk. is suspect when it comes to the deep pass.( Opening up with a few deep balls will spread the defense of sk. thin. they may then counter with the running game. They should have a minimum of 25 running plays during the game.)
Saskatchewan--Defense-The Riders first must be able to stop the running game of BC to make them one dimentional. They must also close quickly to the ball on the pass. They cannnot sit back and wait for it. Their Saftey must be aware of the deep threat contanty. Field postion will be very important during this game.
Offense- First off, the line will need to protect the pocket for joseph.( BC has the most sacke in the league this year.) Joseph has to run with the ball a few times in order to stop the pass rush and get the passing game going. SK. should have plays designed for swing passes out of the backfield and a system of screens to help stop the pass rush. It's my believe that the Lions too can be burned deep. The ability to get the fall off without taking penalties is also a factor or the Riders will find themselves looking at 1 or 2nd and long. Long sustanained drives are required from the Riders in order to chew up the clock.
Crowd noise is going to be the 13th man aginst the Riders just like it favored them last week.
The team with the least amount of penalties is also going to be a contributing factor. :smiley:

It would be nice to see some intelligent posts.

For the Lions to win, score more points than the Riders

For the Riders to win, score more points thna the Lions

Plain and simple

for the riders to have a shot, they need to mix up thier plays alot…KJ needs to establish himself as a running threat early and often to keep the lions D guessing for a split second on every play.

use the option / shovel pass to holmes when in 2nd and 5 situations.

use every receiver, not just flick and fantuz. use grant and murphy aswell…and go to players who rarely see the ball all season…palmer and such.

KJ has to move alot. dont be predictable.

its the only way to win.

and NO TIME COUNT VIOLATIONS like last year.

defence has to get back to the QB killing unit they used to be.

dont lose the intensity…gotta play hard every play. we’ve seen them blow leads to the lions in the past cuz they took thier foot off the gas.

if they dont do ALL of the above, they have no chance at beating the lions.

What really needs to happen for the Riders to win is for them to shut down the BC special teams...that killed them this year...

For BC, they've got to get to Joseph early, and often. He's good with his arm, and better with his feet...gotta make him scared to move...

Id agree with some of each of your points, esp. the part about scoring more points. LOL. I feel the keys for victory will be:


-Constant, early pressure on BC QB(s) forcing 2nd and longs
-Conservative but tight coverage by Rider DB's
-Points on the board

-125+ on the ground whichever way it comes
-A ball control offense limiting turnovers and taking what they are giving
-Passes out of the backfield

-A perfect day in the field position game
-Points galore


-Pressure via Sacks, forced fumbles, ints. for the ball hawking DB's
-Shutting down the run early, forcing Sask to throw on 1st and 2nd downs

-Establish the run early and often
-Sticking to one quarterback, no matter the scenario, as its tough to give all 3 first team reps in practice
-300+ passing yards(this means Clermont must be a factor)

-Consistant, ball control play with the focus being on field position
-McCallum continuing a better second half of the season on FG's

29-27 Riders, with any luck.


This is going to be a great game.

Key for the Riders:
-Quick start, get the crowd out of it
-Continue to play strong run D against Smith
-Contain Ian Smart

Key for the Lions:
-Get the crowd into it, that flustered the Riders last year and they looked confused
-Establish a strong running game
-Play within themselves

I believe as long as the Lions play the way they are capable of, they should win this one with little doubt.

Lions win 32-21.

Feed the screen to Szarka, shut down Wake and Johnston, blitz Jarious Jackson (and don't let him slip containment). Tape somebody to Clermont's side, strip the ball repeatedly from Joe Smith and rattle McCallum's confidence. Oh, and bump Geroy early, and often. In a nutshell, get to the Lions and get to them quickly. If the Riders don't get to J.J. in the first quarter; they're done.

The Riders need to win the war in the trenches. Joseph has to have time to work and allow receivers to get open.

Corey Holmes needs to stay healthy. The Riders will not have much of a ground game if he is forced out.

Joseph has to be accurate on his throws. He had opportunities last week to blow the game open and failed to do so, ie. under throwing Fantuz on a sure touchdown.

The Lions have to create pressure. Cam Wake and Brent Johnson have to make sure Jospeh knows they are there.

They have to keep a spy on Joseph. Joseph can take off at any time and the Lions have to keep that in check.

Smith has to be in the game. The Lions have to keep the Riders thinking about the rush allowing the passing game to open up.

I like some of the points the others mentioned.

For the Riders, they'll need to hit the ground running, and Joseph needs to establish his running game early.

They'll also need to contain B.C.'s running game. Shut down both Smith and Smart.

And they'll need to stop giving up big plays like the Geroy TD in the last game.

For the Lions, they'll need to get the crowd going early. From what I hear it'll be a huge crowd tomorrow.

They'll also need to contain Joseph and force him to throw.

Riders - pressure on the QB.

Lions - contain the passing game.

The Riders defence needs to do a good job in TACKLING the ball carrier. They cant allow any YAC yards to any receiver, or allow any big runs by the RBs.

Joseph will have to do double duty tomorrow, he needs to be an effecitive running back as well as QB.

BC will have to get the crowd in it early, with a big play or opening drive TD.

On D, the Lions have to stop Joseph from running and make sure they dont get burned by screen pass.

BC - Show up.

Riders - Hope lightning strikes the Lions bench.

Your forgettong that the game is being held indoors. Come on Swervin answer truthfully for a change. I promise not to tell the rider coaches.

For BC the game plan is simple. Contain Joseph and stretch the defense so Smith can run.

For Regina? Cover really tight and hope Jarius forces passes. On O, Joseph will have to run like crazy out of the pocket and hope to buy time so the receivers can spring free from coverage.

Green will be rolling out Joseph, If the green O line gets up field, to make some blocks....the Lions are in trouble...It's a tough pro line bet.. on Sunday..

I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight. I'm too excited for this game. 5th row behind the Lions bench, I can't wait!

What section?

I gotta get some sleep, I want to be up early enough to watch at least most of the Eastern Final.


Section 41

What the lions need to do is play their game the way they are capable of playing it and they will win. If the Riders bring their A game and the lions dont it could be interesting.