What move you would make to get the Gades better today?

-I'd call up Chris Burns and get his keister into town to solidify the oline for Joseph.

-I'd bring in an american FG kicker.

-I'd hire Greg Tillman to be our GM cause coach Joe needs more time to worry about the team and not incoming/outgoing talent.

-Divise some new schemes to get Woodcock the ball more often on some quick hitch passes... (to get more productive on 2 and long situations and to take pressure off of Armstead and Yo).

i'd bring in a couple of american o lineman, just in case.

i agree with the american kicker, is tynes available yet?

ET needs to come home

tynes aint commin back he looks to be a top kicker in the nfl so i doubt will see him again

  1. Get a Middle Linebacker - Krault sucks: We need one that can cover receivers
  2. Bring Back Burns - suck it up he is Canadian
  3. Taller CB’s - those guys are dwarfs (moss, weston, rogers)

Honestly Ottawa I think your team is good as it is. You could use some better O lineman but thats because there getting injured and being switched around every game. So you cant blame them for not playing to there full potential. Its tough as an o-lineman playing 2 different positions on the line in one game. Give your team some slack if you ask me you guys are doing great and i hope to see u continue with this greatness. Youve got a great football team and there exciting to watch thats all I ask for.

Good point... We don't suck!!

ok dont bring back burns we got obbey khan playing his position abd he is gonna be one of the best in the league and well injusry are forcing us to sewith up the oline but i think where fine on the line. more canadian depth cause of the fact we dont have enough canadians means that we cant keep are good import backups acctive like johney scott, we have to have matt kirk and legault. thats pridy much it i mean we look lioke where gonna get better with all those young guys in the secondary and we are doin pridy good right know.

I love what paopao is building

I think its interesting that you didn't mention Banks. I've seen Banks in person and that dude is no more than 5'8. I don't care what the media guide says. You probably didn't mention him because he's so damn good that his height doesn't matter.

Despite his height, he's probably the best DB in the league right now. Banks gives it everything he has on every play and is regularly making huge plays all over the field. While its nice to have bigger bodies, its more important that guys be able to play and stay with receivers all over that huge field.

Crance Clemons should be back soon, unless he's had a setback I haven't heard about. That means Moss will probably get bumped from a starting spot with Rogers moving to wide side corner.

  1. Kicker, Kicker, Kicker. This position will cost us games, and maybe a playoff spot.

  2. Re-sign Burns. A badly needed Canadian for the offensive line. Joseph needs a solid line to be effective, as we saw in the opener against Edmonton.

they were interviewing burns last week on the team 1200, and he basically said that he wants a contract upwards around 6 figures

Burns isn't worth 6 figures. I'd rather the team work through the injuries and invested in the future of the team, rather than an aging lineman who has inflated sense of his market value.

Very good points KoreyBanks MVP.... I agree completely...

Hey, just so you know.... if you're at the game on the 11th check out the South Side Section FF Row 1 on the 22 yard line right behind the Renegades bench... I have a 2 foot high by 6 foot wide sign saying..... The Unofficial Korey Banks Fan Club.... aka the Ballhawks....

I love that player.... got the sign made up early in pre-season and he has not disappointed.

ill say it again burns plays the wrong position we ddont need a player at that posiion

I'll be there. I'm a season ticket holder - one of the few who paid full price :wink:

Sweet idea with the sign. I'm sure he's more than happy to come over and talk it up with you. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the end of last year when he caught on with the team for the last few games and the guy cracked me up.

KoreyBanksMVP wrote:

I'll be there. I'm a season ticket holder - one of the few who paid full price

I hear ya..... I did as well.... I'm not disappointed though because I get to keep my seats which I love..... I always make it a party when I come down, since I'm not from Ottawa.... I live in Napanee near Belleville so I bring some buddies up every game, get a hotel and have a few drinks before the game... or a lot of drinks....

Tynes ain’t coming back. He’s secured a job placekicking for the Kansas City Chiefs.

How can the team get better? Get Woodcock more involved in the offense. Work on Joseph’s deep-ball accuracy so he can go downfield with success. Stop running plays that are almost always going to fail (e.g. a 5-yard out pattern when you’re 2 and 10, expecting the receiver to get 5 y.a.c. for your first down). Apart from that, the Gades are in pretty good shape. I knew Marshall would get this defense together and he’s done it despite a lack of quality personnel. Ottawa can’t ease up, though. They have to crush Hamilton this weekend and not take the game for granted if they want to keep pace with Toronto.

Where was the sign? I looked and there was nothing!