Thanks to the popularity of CFL football, what most of us here know is how minor football in Canada is gaining in numbers on hockey.
The very same annual survey last year also confirmed how the CFL was the second favourite(and gaining) pro league in the country.

[url=http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/sports/story.html?id=64507464-e852-42fb-b635-abaaacf5e073]http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/n ... aaacf5e073[/url]

Great article, Argotom. Goes to show how far the sport has come in recent years. I know in BC, the number of high schools having programs has almost tripled in the last decade. Players are routinely getting scholarships to the best teams at the NCAA div.1 level.

At the college level, Quebec continues to show the way and hopefully will serve as the blueprint for other programs to follow.

All of this will do wonders for the CFL; not only in terms of players being developed, but also in promoting the game and creating life long fans (future customers).

I really think interest in the CFL and football in general really gained momentum in Canada during and after the NHL lockout.

Personally, I was never able to enjoy watching the NHL as much after that fiasco. Instead of seeing hockey players, all I could see were a bunch of greedy, money grubbing millionaires skating around flashing their endorsement deals for all to see.

Love hockey but man, is it ever over-rated in this country compared with football for pure contact entertainment value IMHO.

Agreed to every posting boys.

I used to be a big hockey fan, but these new no touch rules Bettman has implimented has really turned me off the game.

I can’t stand seeing these players, mostly Europeans, diving all over the ice whenever somebody touches them. The game now is a joke.
Its not our game anymore. We’ve turned it into Euro hockey.

Which is why I find myself looking forward to the cFL season. CAnadians like their sports with some grit and intensity thrown in. HOckey no longer provides that.

Which is why I say the CFL will continue to gain on hockey’s popularity in this country.

All good posts gents! I'm like berezin, I used to really like the NHL but Bettman has ruined it. Major Junior Hockey and CFL are my two biggies. I know I see more and more teams in my Grandson's Community Football League. BC has 7 or 8 Junior teams playing football as well. East van Mark pointed out that High School Football has grown out here as well.

Hockey better not go to 4 on 4 like I heard could happen, that would make the game too much like shinny.

Damn shame though that BC high schools still play 4 down football.

I could never understand that either....

The reason BC High Schools play 4 down football is simple. When schools started to play HS football back in the 50's they had few BC schools to play but plenty of US schools only an hour away. It was obvious that the US schools weren't going to convert to Canadian rules so the BC schools had to convert to American rules. Over time the rules stuck and no one wanted to change them as BC schools continue to play games against American competition.

Whatever, as long as football is healthy with the kids. I personally think that way too much is made out of Canadian football having to be unique with 3 downs. If 4 downs works in this area or that area for whatever reason, fine. The basics of the game are all the same anyways. That being said, I personally prefer 3 downs though.

We, the Canadians have sold out our hockey and the NHL to a bunch of Americans who could not organize a one car parade.
This will never happen thankfully to our CFL game.
As for 3 downs versus 4, Earl I have to respectfully disagree with you. Three downs, our field and related rules make our game unique and some of us myself included cannot stand the American game and especially when combined to the over the top propoganda.
Finally in Canada, means all kids should be playing our game.

Argotom I have LOndon Knights season tickets, and I'll tell ya, Bettmans influence has filtered down to the cHL.
Players know that when they fall down, the refs will call a penalty. And Junior refs are for the most part horrible.

And EArl, if it sells tickets in Nashville, Bettman would go to 3 on 3 with nets as big as soccer goals.

Which is why its lucky we still have our own football league. We don't have to worry about selling our game to foreigners.

The first BC High School Football Championships was played in 1934 and the teams played with Canadian rules until 1948.

My dates maybe be off but the reasoning behind the change is right on.

Absolutely. Kinda funny how nowadays most teams play only 1 if any games against US competition, and their is now more than enough teams to play in Canada, with both universities and junior ball using Canadian rules, yet high schools continue to use American rules.

Steve Nash wasn't developed without playing plenty of American competition before Santa Clara. Kudos to B.C. for capitalizing on the geography and not being afraid to be different.



I lived in TO in the early 80's and had season tickets to the Leafs games. At that time I was probably a bigger NHL fan than a CFL fan. Now, however, I have absolutely ZERO interest in watching NHL hockey.

I can't give any one reason for the apathy towards the NHL. Maybe it's Bettman. Maybe it's the strikes. Basically I just find the pro game boring and not worth the price of the ticket.

I still enjoy Jr. Hockey. The entertainment is there and the price is more realistic for what you get.

Love that football though. CFL and CIS.