what Mike Kelly is really like


theres a link for anyone who wants to know the real mike kelly, not the guy the media made him out to be

you gotta click on sunday night sports show

Ive said out of frustration mike needs to go, but when im level headed, especially after hearing this, they better not let him go

Couldn't agree with you more...

Welcome to the other side of the fence! This is only what a few of us have been saying all along. A rookie coach, a new team, Kelly took the heat. You attack the team and Kelly says something to make everyone forget the players and attack the coach instead. It's what good coaches do and Kelly is good at it!

…Mike is direct …maybe a little too much for some…I like him being forth-right…He sure didn’t duck and get out of town when the season ended…He gave his take on the season and next…some i agree with some i don’t…All in all he’s the BigBlues’ coach in 2010…I’ve got a feeling this team will be putting things together in a big-way…I’m looking forward to a successful year :thup:

I'm listening to it now. Thanks for the link. I just finished Part 1 and it was quite interesting.

Kelly taking you to the promised land. Have another drink of Kool Aid.

Why do you care, your not a fan ?

Nobody 'made him out to be anything. He made himself out to be the person you saw in the media via his big mouth and his unwillingness to act like an adult in public.

Was it the media that called him a lazy ass, cursed him out on talk radio, or implied that his choice of QB formations was only good for coaches who couldn't coach quarterbacks? No, sorry, that was Mike Kelly. On his own, unprompted.

...yes ...but it's funny....Kelly went on a local radio station, just lately, and was quite affable...It might have had something to do with the host who didn;t have a big carving knife hiding behind his back during the interview...It's no secret ,Mike has no luv for certain media types in the Peg...and you wouldn't either, if you had the neg. reception he got at the beginning of the year....Was a lot of friction his fault and should he have handled it differently??....probably...but when you get a persona of a Mike Kelly pushed into a cornor...you get the inevitable response...I think there has to be some common ground found ,for next season, between Kelly and the local 'so called football guru/scribes'...It's plain to see it is not helping anyone ....especially the club...Kelly ain't going anywhere just yet, so for the benefit of ALL concerned, a more cordial theme better be struck before the beginning of the 2010 season...Makes for a more successful year.. :wink:

Kelly's gone too far on several occasion's and I mean several.He gutted your team with promise that his team would be much much better then the 8-10 team Doug Berry left.You guys finished 7-11 and out of the playoffs and don't have a starting QB.

I could list all of the dumb thing's he's done but it'd take at least two post's probably.No amount of "Kelly behind the scene's" video is going to make me respect him.He's completely unproffesional,and an absolutely terrible HC,GM,OC.That's why pretty much nobody except the Bomber fans themselves like the guy.Other's just like him because they think it's hilarious listening to him or watching him say and do stupid thing's everytime someone ask's him a question.Go to anger management, read "How to coach a football team for dummie's" and you may get a shred of respect from around the league.

He gutted a 8 - 10 football team that quit in last years Playoff vs EDM, Lefors got hurt and releasing Glenn was a mistake, Gauthier, Picard left before he got here, Armsrtong was damaged goods and played no where this year.
People forget that Bishop came to WPG in the middle of the season ,no training camp, or pre season games to get in to game shape and learn the offence. He had some rough outings, but also brought the Bombers back in to contention. Bishop deserves a chance to have a full camp and see if he has made some progress. Things are not as bad as you and some others want them to be. Don't worry the ti cats record of 15 wins in 5 years is safe !

...Let's be fair here kasps...with regard to Glenn and Kelly.....The majority of fans wanted Glenn gone before Kelly ever arrived....He didn't play his cards right in dealing him ....WHY //// because after offering Glenn a contract (that has now been proven out) Kevin said thanks but no-thanks....Glenn was quite aware his time in the Peg was up and he wanted out...the FANS AGREED.....so he took his act to the hammer....I was never convinced Kevin was a premiere qb. in this league...Yes he did have a couple of good years....but how many compared to a Calvillo, or Ray.....So why would Kelly want Glenn around ...he didn't fit the future and that was Kellys main aim when he gutted the team...A lot of people were shocked....and i have to admit i was 'taken aback' at first....Now i see things differently and where he wants to take the club is looking promising....When this team installs a quarterback with merit i think a lot of Mike Kellys moves will be seen in a more positve light...Time will tell... :wink:

Well papa I admire your enthusiasm, but I wouldn't be quite so sure that you are just a bonafide QB away from being contenders. I agree that you do need one, but in addition I think you also need a decent offensive coordinator to design a package that will take advantage of that QB's skills.

Kelly's offence sure didn't work, either with LeFors or Bishop at the controls, despite Kelly saying his offence has worked time and again everywhere else he's been (which wasn't quite the truth but that's another story). It got marginally better when Matsakis tweaked it and tailored it more to Bishop's skill set. . . but still not quite good enough. So just the new QB won't solve things if he's put in the same straightjacket that LeFors and Bishop were.

Personally, I think getting a new offensive coordinator is more important than getting a new QB. I sure wouldn't want to trade a few quality starters off your defence to get, say, Ricky Ray, if you were going to end up putting him in that same straighjacket.

...once again i have to agree with you MadJack.....a new offensive co-ordinator is mandatory....Mastakis was a plug-in and i don't believe Kelly ever intended for him to be the guy drawing up the offensive schemes permenantly....Wormans name has been kicked around...I think you might see him in the Peg next season....As for the rest of the club.....the defence is solid.....might even get an up-grade in the off season although i think improving the offence will be the focus...The o line will most likely get an addition...the receiving corps as well...and with a year under his belt....watch out for Bernard...The most important postion to be up-graded will be the quarterback ....and if the Bombers can snare a competent qb. with experience wellllll let's put it this way.....How well would have the Als. done this year without A.C????..... A huge difference maker is the qb . spot and the BigBlue are going to fill it.... Maybe call it over enthusiasm on my part......but where would we be without it.... and at least i'm not a 'housedog' :lol:

True papa, there's really no point housedogging it. And I agree that the OC role is critical, or at least the offensive scheme wherever it comes from. It really accounts for Kerry Joseph's recent career - MOP with Sask as a running QB, disaster with Toronto as a pocket passer - as well as AC's return to glory under Trestman & crew (assuming he's really the one running the offense) after a less than stellar year under Popp and Bellefeuille. Totally apart from Kelly's public persona, he has to either get the offense right himself, or find someone else who can do that, preferably the latter. As the philosophers say, the QB is necessary but not sufficient.