what might have been

For anyone who wants to see some artist conceptions of facilities that would have been built had Halifax won the bid to host the 2014 Commonwealth Gameshttp://www.hfxnews.ca/index.cfm?main=gallery&cid=353

nice find.

can't really see much of the football stadium in these pics.

oh well...its not being built anyways.

The cost of the stadium had increased to $121.2 million. Considering that there would have been 25000 seats , and that the decks on both sidelines were to be partially covered by roof, that doesn't seem that expensive. It was an interesting design, with three pillars behind one deck made to look like masts on a schooner from a distance.

the stadium can look like a schooner...just dont name the team schooners...lol


this woulda been a really cool view, of both the water and the bridge and that light house/tower.

The close-up picture of the stadium only shows the upper level, as the artist was focusing on the roof.
I think the idea was that if you were looking across the water from the Halifax side, the stadium would sort of look like a schooner.

I think the price tag was even that high because of all the fancy-shmancy Commonwealth Games requirements. If Halifax decides to build one, they could likely get one like BMO field for between $65M-$100M.

If there's people out in Halifax really serious about a stadium GET ORGANIZED!!! Phone MPs, MPPs, City Councillors, local business leaders, chambers of commerce, universities, newspapers, stadiums of comparable size in other parts of Canada to get the skinny on how they operate, economists at leading universities to get their assessments, etc etc etc.

I'm fairly new to the mass of CFL fans, but I followed the Commonwealth games debate fairly closely, and I'll tell ya something: Those anti-games, "we-can't-afford-it", "every-dollar-should-be-thrown-down-the-healthcare-sinkhole" types are VERY organized, and were successful in scaring the mayor and the province into bolting at the sight of the $1.7B instead of taking the time to cut it down.

All is not lost, there's hundreds of millions of dollars floating around that was earmarked for the games just waiting for a home.

Politicians, business leaders, university administrations won't come out and say anything because they don't want to look stupid. Take some time, do the leg work, and present them all with a plan.

All is not lost, there's hundreds of millions of dollars floating around that was earmarked for the games just waiting for a home.
in that case, maybe they can build that bridge to vancouver Island.

god no

Victoria has no desxire to become a suburb

It looks as though the province was looking for a way out regardless of the budget. According to Halifax 2014 CEO Scott Logan, the games budget had been reduced to $1.163 billion by his committee the day before the provincial and city governments killed the bid. The committee had been asked to get the budget down to $1.2 billion by that date. He told reporters this during a detailed technical briefing. Logan noted that the committee still had two months to further reduce the budget.
In the end, it probably would have ended up somewhere around the $1 billion mark that many thought it would beforehand.

Agreed. A while back, I suggested that a grassroots group should form to sign-up potential season ticket holders and gauge the local business community for support. This information could be presented to any potential owner, the CFL, various governments, or anyone else with an interest.
I also think there is money to be made selling caps and t-shirts with the slogan "MY CFL INCLUDES HALIFAX". Judging by how often it gets mentioned, I bet alot of t-shirts and caps would be sold nationwide.

Halifax is done.
RIP for CFL football and any other non hockey related sporting event that will require more then the current hockey arena.
The tree huggers have won.

I dont think tree hugging won this time Argo, Halifax was simply over their head in this bid.
Thats all.

Actually, its kind of confusing. I dont think even many people here in Halifax know what is going on. Apparently, The mayor told the councilors that the bid was 1.7 billion, then the bid commite reduced costs, (doing simple things like taking off the stadium roof, removing stuff that wasn't important), making it 1.2 Billion. the mayor didn't tell anyone, so the councilors said no to the 1.7 b, and didn't know it had gone down.

anyway, its confusing.

The province had actually withdrawn support for the bid before the city government had even had a chance to vote on it. Understandably, many city councillers were really ticked off.