What Medlock Brings...

Medlock gives us a chance to steal victories!

In previous years with kickers such as Jamie Boreham and Sandro DeAngelis we would have never been able to end a half like we just did against the Argo's.

A couple quick hitters with the intent of putting us into the 45-50 yard FG range to allow Medlock to kick.

It worked.

49 yard field goal. 'Cats go into the 2nd half with a 2pt lead.

With Boreham and DeAngelis our QB's would be forced to Air out the ball, because anything over 30 yard would be a gamble, and the ball would get picked off and returned for a TD or would be incomplete. By the end of the game there would be multiple point opportunities that could not be taken advantage of and the offense would be forced into gambles.

Thank you Justin Medlock.

Hats off to our kicker. :thup: :cowboy:

Big fan of Medlock!! Classy guy and good kid.

I hope he can be our next solid kicker since ozzy

Medlock and Cobourne are emerging as two huge signings.

Consistency is what he brings..... well that and impressive stats

Under 20y ards - 2 for 2
20-29 yards 1 for 1
30-39 yards 4 for 4
40-49 yards 7 for 8
50+ 3 for 4

for a 89.5% rate

Holds the longest FG in the league so far at 55 yards

The bolded ones are the real important and impressive ones... something we SORELY lacked last season!

He's money.

I wonder what would have happened in last year's EDSF had Medlock been here. Dude is money, and I have a gut feeling that there is no pass from Glenn to Bruce to get the Cats closer if Money (that's what I'm calling Medlock now) was on the team. It's nice to have him now, and I hope he stays around for a long, LONG time.

No, he is Justin Money. :wink:

edit I didn't read Blogskee's following post. Not trying to steal his thunder. :slight_smile:

Results....................not excuses :thup:

No need to apologize. Just means great minds think alike. :thup: