What match ups are you going to want to see this season?

I think all games are going to be interesting but what two teams do you want to see play more then others. :roll:

I always get pumped for the “Battle of Alberta”, amd going to try to get down to Calgary this year again for the labor day game and will be at the return match on the Friday night.

Other games that I will be interested in will include BC against anybody just because they are tabbed as the team to beat this year and most teams will get up a little more to play them. The Riders and Lions particularly because of the way things finished up last year.

Toronto and Hamilton are usually fun to watch as well, although none hold my interest as much as the Eskimos and whoever we are playing!

So many to choose from… I’d like to See BC Vs Sask first game. Sask Vs Calgary First game, and of course…ALL the Labour day classics!

Well since I’m travelling to the game (part of my annual golf trip), I can’t wait for the Riders @ stamps game on July 23rd. It will be interesting to see if there really is a lot of Rider fans there.

And since there is no hockey playoffs and only arena football on I can’t wait for the first game of the season. I’ll be happy to just watch some CFL football again.

1st Montreal vs. Toronto
2nd Calgary vs. Saskatchewan
3rd Montreal vs. BC
4th Toronto vs. Hamilton
5th Calgary vs. Edmonton
6th San Diego vs. New England

. And, finally, 72nd, Ottawa vs. Montreal.

My number 1 is Tiger Cats vs Stampeders at the Grey Cup in Vancouver

Number 2: Hamilton @ Calgary (the only other time I will get to see my team)

Number 3: Montford vs the Tiger Cats.

The Calgary vs Edmonton games on September 5th and 9th. Definately going to the game In Edmonton, maybe I can swing a roadtrip to Calgary for the September 5th game

BC vs Sask
Sask vs MTL almost always close. We seem to play better when we play the als, and finally I think we have a better team so I want to see that to prove it.
Labour day games
Sask vs Calgary - Burris saga

The Labour Day classics should be the best we’ve seen in years because:

Winnipeg has beat the Riders the last 2 times, the Riders wan’t revenge.
Toronto and Hamilton, do I need to say anymore.
Calgary and Edmonton, should be great since Calgary is at home with Burris.
Montreal and Ottawa, don’t count out Ottawa this year as long as Joseph is healthy.

Also : BC vs. Sask, Mon vs Tor, and Sask @ Calgary (I will be @ Mcmahon for that one)

Riders kick~

all west games will be competitive, even BC and Peg.

Grey Cup rematch opening week

Labour Day in [hack-poey] Hamilton [/hack-poey]

Grey Cup Rematch in Vancouver in November - same result though!

Arrgonut, you should focus more on the Eastern final rematch than on the Grey Cup… Calvillo can’t be ousted every year. You will know what pain feels like…

You’re right Third_And_Ten, how could I forget about the Eastern Final rematch. That will be great, I hope we can get 50,000 to the Skydom…er, Rogers Centre ‘of the Universe’ for it! :mrgreen:

I don’t mind having to kick your ass on your own field. BC Place is the only field where the Als are doomed.

Where is the Grey Cup game again?.. DAMN!

ALL WESTERN GAMES WILL BE HOT… as for the east teams, I’m going to be hard pressed to turn on the RENS. the team that really needs the exposure…but what a mess in the cap. …disastrous off-season leading to a weak product which everyone will be beating up on…can’t watch. WHY the hell are they just now working on ownership at this late date. You gotta wonder about expansion with what is happening to poor old Ottawa… :oops: :?:


YOu are curious to see if there will be a lot of Rider fans at the game July 23rd? The are always a ton of Riders fans at the Stamps games regardless of who they are playing. I am looking forward to that game the most as well. I am curious to see how the, normaylly ver friendly Riders fans< react to teh Stampderes Burris situation

  1. Riders vs Stamps @ McManhon Stadium
  2. Riders Labour Day Classic vs Winnipeg
  3. Riders vs BC (Rematch)
  4. Riders vs the rest!


wow… those are some diverse choices Dyslexic96…

  1. BC vs. Stamps
  2. BC vs. Argos
  3. Argos vs. Ty-Cats
  4. Montreal vs. Riders

i only want to see Montreal/Riders game because i want to see how the 2 losers of the conference finals do against each other

I think that would happen but i ahve i different choice out of BC vs. Argos
good choices

How about any, I NEED FOOTBALL!!!