What makes you a Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan?

This isn't a contest. There are no winners. I have the opportunity to hear so many great stories through my position with the Ticats. I know everyone has a great story about how and why they are a Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan and was hoping some would post their stories.

Do you drive a great distance to make the game?
Are your season tickets past down from generation to generation?
Have you had your tickets for 5, 10, 25, 50+ years?
Do you remember your first game or a certain game in particular?

Lets hear your story....

Season tickets have been passed down 3 generations so far. Grandpa started back in late 60's I believe. I've been a fan since 5 or 6 years old. Rarely miss a game in past 19 years.

Favourite memory would be Ozzies last second FG in the eastern conference game against Montreal to win.

I ask myself that every day..lol..Just kidding.

Growing up in my house, if I wasn't a Ticat fan I would have been disowned. I grew up with the Ticats. I remember being probably 8 or 9 and going to pep rallies at Gore park. I met Wayne Lee at one of those pep rallies and he was so nice to me that it stuck with me and I started to watch just to see him play. I developed my love for the Ticats through all those years. I skipped school to go the '86 GC celebration at City Hall and got captured on the 6 o'clock news. Typical of my luck..lol.

I'm a glutton for punishment....

And I have long time family ties to the Cats

Last year was the first time I’ve gone to every game (due to some people in my family not wanting to go anymore). This year will be the second time I go to every game. Next year, at the tender age of 16, will be my first year as a “real” season ticket holder (and not one that goes under my grandfather’s name)

cause i have no place else to go! lol. just kidding. the hammer born and raised

I thought you were going to say it's because Ticat fans makeyou laugh all the time. :smiley:

cause i have no place else to go! lol. just kidding. the hammer born and raised

Well, I'm a huge and long-time CFL and Argo fan so last season for my first time ever, my wife and I took in an IWS Cats game. We liked it so much, we went back 3 more times. The atmosphere is great. For those of you who are longing to tear down IWS, be careful--you might get what you wish for.

Also, the fans on this website have been great to me.

Now with Chang's signing, the conversion from double blue to black and gold continues. I'm fighting it though.

An Argo-cat fan

Bg I would never use this message board as a representative of how all tiger cat fans think and act...but yes this board has humored me more than one occasion. Lol.

No great story here. Born and raised as an Argo fan in London, Ont. and always hated the Cats. But I end up moving here for work and I like going to games at IWS compared with the Skydome, local and great sightlines (even if new seats are needed) so I basically just started cheering for the Cats.
But those Argos still have a soft spot in my heart I have to admit. :wink:

I think plain and simple you know if you really are a fan or not. The last few years have been some tough times, but I just can't bring myself to turn on the team. It makes supporting the team in times like this all the worth while when the winning finally does come around. Saying that, I do have low expectations this year and hope to be surprised. If you're a true fan you have to at least know how to Oskie Wee Wee

Hi Kevin, et al:
I'm Hamilton born and raised and discovered at a very early age that in terms of pro sport throughout my time on earth, there wasn't much to get exited about in Hamilton with the exception of course, of our beloved Ticats.
I've been going to games since the early 50s when I had two cousins who played for the team. Having played the game myself throughout high school and university, my interest peaked.
Ticat football has given me more exciting moments in sports than all other sports combined and I would point out that I am also an avid hockey and baseball fan. This being said, nothing replaces the thrill I get from winning Ticat football. Its simply the best.

The tiger Cats are the best team in the world in the best town. its that simple.

ya those tickets that he started way back when we still hold onto even though he don't attend games anymore, and now I own 16 "real" season tickets. Purchased most of them during the 93-94 year crunch to keep the Cats in Hamilton.

hmm i thinkin this smilie was supose to be here when u said “The tiger Cats are the best team in the world” :roll: :roll:

I grew up to the CFL on Sunday afternoons, sitting with KFC (ugh) on the table in front of me. While I hardly eat chicken anymore, I still love my 'Cats.

Oh, yeah, there's also the Ottawa-Hamilton Thanksgiving games that I love watching, too.

My great Uncle played for the Tigers and I was named after the Greatest Tiger Cat of all time, Garney Henley. I also lived next store to Henry Waszchuck growing up. When he moved in a lot of the Cats came over to help him move and I met them all, Chuck Ealey lived down the street also. Henry also brought me to some of the practices and I got to meet Garney a number of times, first class all the way. So I have been born and raised a Ticat Fan and now my five children are as well. We are season ticket holders and will always Love the Tiger Cats.

I grew up within earshot of Civic [Ivor Wynne] Stadium.

The roar of the crowd on game day took my breathe away
and lured me inside and I have been hooked ever since.

I cherish all the exciting moments the Ticats have given me.

Today, despite my waning interest in professional sports,

as rocky123 said

'nothing replaces the thrill I get from winning Ticat football.

Its simply the best.


The fact that the Tiger Cats represent our city on an national level
and our players play for little more than 'the love of the game
keeps my interest in this one league almost as strong as it used to be.

Interesting question Kevin .....

Lets see .... the first memory of the Tigercats was going to a game in the mid 1960's with my dad and ??? against Winnipeg, when we lived in Hamilton. Food was good, since I was maybe 5, 6 or 7 and I really didn't pay attention until I was older.

Next memories of the Cats were listening to my father rant and rave through the Zugar years complaining about how all the little side passes made his stats look good but did squat to get first downs. Hmmm, some things haven't changed in 40 years :>)) I still remember how Zugar would quick kick the ball on second down to catch the other team napping since he was both the QB and Punter. We were lucky as we didn't face any blackouts since we had moved to Bowmanville after 1967 so we could watch any televised game.

Watching the Cats win the 1972 Grey Cup on the last play.

Then in 1979 coming back to Hamilton when I went to McMaster and in my 2nd year sharing a house with a tabbie, Jim Muller, #69, a defensive lineman out of Queens University. He was a big boy !!! with legs as thick as tree trunks and I still remember how when he was injured how pitifully he limped around the house. Then at my wedding, how he was dancing with my wife, as he referred to her as little Lynda. A super nice person who was given a choice by Chevron after his last year, work year round or quit. Needless to say, it was his last year even though they gave him a leave of absence the following year once the Cats made the playoffs so that he could be a back-up if needed for just the play-off run. I still wonder what happened to him after he left for Alberta full-time. This is why it would be nice if they had little bio's under the all-time TigerCat section so that older players could check in and leave a blurb as to what they have been up to since they finished their careers with the Cats.

After that I sort of went into stasis with the Tigercats attending the occasional game through the 1980's and 1990's. I usually organized a mass trip for our adult baseball team on Labour Day so we could yell "Argos Slurp" :>)))

Xmas 2000 brought seasons from my Mrs. Santa Claus and we have had them since. It feels that we have supported them through thick and thin as I still wear my 1999 Grey Cup Golf Shirt. Perhaps that is why last year was so hard to stomach. There was so much more talent last year than that 1-17 team and they fell so flat on their faces. I had never left any game early before last year. In the 1-17 year when we beat Calgary that one game, it was like winning a play-off game as we left the stadium. As a sidenote, we went to Mexico that winter and when we went on a trip to Chichen Itza, all 13 in the mini-van were Canadians from CFL towns. The last to speak up were the 2 or 3 from Calgary out of embarrasment. That was neat.

Cheers Randy
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