What league is more of a joke?

Ok, the CFL bashers out there had an expected heyday with their bashing with the demise of the Gades. As predicted, any reason to bash they will find it. But I thought the following was interesting when you search on Google for the phrase "_ _ _ is a joke"

  1. "NHL is a joke" - 10,900 hits

  2. "NFL is a joke" - 6960 hits

  3. "NBA is a joke" - 6490 hits

  4. "MLB is a joke" - 5360 hits (although many just call this league 'baseball')

  5. "MLS is a joke" - 2730 hits

  6. "CFL is a joke" - 2370 hits

What does this mean? Nothing really but thought it was interesting to see that people call all pro leagues a joke for some reason or another.

Ya..your right, I guess peaple feel better about themselves..when they call down a league.
They probably think that they could do a better job, running a professional sports leauge or team..
But I guess if there paying customers, they do have the right to complain..
Really, the only negetive talk about a league I hate..is my CFL...

Every league goes scandal or crisis in on form or another , with the NHL it was the lockout , then the new rules--some like it, some dont, but attendance is up around the league so more people than not like the changes. MLB has the steroid scandal and it will hound them this year. The NBA just has players with bad attitudes(Iverson, Francis, Artest). Same can be said for the NFL. The CFL had the Ottawa fiasco, which was of its own making, but for the CFL to rise above that, a season in which all teams are in the hunt for a playoff spot will hopefully help the league put the Ottawa situation behind them.

I think that most people (mostly Americans) chose to ignore the CFL or say it's a fram or minor league of the NFL.

Leagues that's the Biggest joke of all is the MLB and MLS.
and I blame bettermen and the lockout for the high numbers on the NHL.
My list goes a little something like this (wrost league to best)

  1. MLB
  2. MLS

  1. NHL
  2. NFL

  1. NBA
  2. CFL

MOst or all of those for the CFl would have been Gades fans!

and Argos Bill

Actually I used to follow the NHL, but with their 30 power plays a game, I've really tuned them out. Now I love the WHL. Went to two Kamloops Blazer games and three Vancouver Giant Games when I've been on the Coast. Now thats entertainment!!! These Kids work their butts off every night. My son can take his familly of four to the game for $84.00. He can buy one Canucks ticket for that price.

The NHL is a joke!

You got that right Sportsmen, I take in a couple of London Knights games a year, I live in hamilton now but was born and raised and grew up in London. Major junior hockey is super entertainment for the money IMO and doesn't break the bank. And at the John Labatt Centre in London, the fairly new arena the Knights play in, you can buy beer and coolers, super. And the AHL here in Hamilton is great too, probably better overall talent than Major Junior, but I personally prefer Major Junior hockey because of the history of the league and the cities are all close by, you can relate to them more.

Watched Bits and pieces of last nights Game 7 between the Calgary Hitmen and Moose Jaw. Saw more hits and determination in 10 minutes than I did watching the Canucks all season. Let see what are my choices....???

(1) Watching young Kids give a 110% each night, every shift


(2) Watching Todd Bertuzzi go through the moves without breaking a sweat cause he has a hot date in his porche somewhere that night....

I wish the KItchener Rangers had done better this year, but Guelph has put on a show. The CHL should just merge the three leagues into one and play proper for the Memorial Cup instead of this round robin crap.

It is true that nhl attendance numbers are up. But.....TV ratings are suffering quite a bit. That will hurt the league in the long run.

You guys remember my name? I barely post on this message board. You know what, after the Grey Cup, I had hope for this league, but now it has shown me that it wont amount to anything. I bet that MLS team toronto is getting will be more popular than the Argos.

Ya its lucky have have survived the last 93 Grey Cups :roll:

I will never understand the people that come here just to know the greatest game there is! Oh wait! I think they call it jealousy

who in their right mind is jealous of the CFL? Seriously…

See how its done fellas?
You never have to mention any names!
You just make a true statement and the ones with the guilty conscience come running to defend themselves!!!!!!

I'll respond to the jealous question. The NFL is very jealous of the CFL. Why is it they try to lure our best players down south all the time? When the riders needed cash, who came to the rescue? the NFL. They need the CFL, they just dont want to admit it. They see how much CFL fans stick together, and how much a party we have during GC week. Our game isnt over hyped like the NFL is, but watching an NFL game you can see how boring it is compared to the CFL game.

Interesting Earl however to be more accurate you would have to consider the number of hits vs the total number of fans for each league.
MLS and NHL then would probally have the highest % of fans calling it a joke. Sadly CFL would not be the lowest either

Chitown, the Wirtz team gets third overall pick this NHL draft should go well with the young guys coming up out of the junior teams. Just have to get rid of the dead weight in goal! $7 million is over paying that guy!

LMAO!! Do you know what planet you live on?

He lives on Earth. Its a nice place. What planet are you from?