What League is more exciting? CFL or NFL?

Well? do you think the CFL has more excitement and more drama? or the NFL?

on any given sunday, toss a coin


I can run the ball in Madden, and run the clock and win the game, you can't control the clock in CFL.

Flutie can

I won't even start cause this is stricly on personel opinion. If you've ever been to a NFL game though there's nothing like it. Both are good leages cause any football is the best

he can't in the last three minutes of the halves.

I'm not a big fan of constant boring running plays, so I prefer the CFL with 3 downs, and far more passing. But I'll watch the NFL pretty heavily once the CFL season is over. Hey, football is football.

I watch both leagues but sometime get bothered with people making assumptions about the NFL. THey say they just run but most teams pass over 60% of the time. They also say it's low scoring when the league average is slightly less then the CFL. The problem is with so many teams you'll have some that just run or play low scoring games. Just gotta pick your games.

A bigger field with three minutes left can be a lot more exciting then two minutes on a smaller field.

Anything can happen in the CFL, so can the NFL, but more so in the CFL.

I like both, but in the last two minutes if you are winning by 10 points or more and have the ball, you are basically guaranteed a win. I wish the NFL would at least adopt the US College rules and get rid of that 40 second clock.

And their overtime is just pathetic IMO. Whoever wins the coin toss wins most of the time.

You're right esk123. The over time is pretty lame.

The NFL overtime just plain stinks, no argument there.

Both leagues are exciting in different ways. I'd hate to see either go away.

Sudden Death in general just pain sucks.

I like sudden death in hockey, but not in football.

I say that in Hockey, when a team scores in OT, they should just play on until time runs out, like in Basketball.

Odds are the team that scored first will win in the end anyway.

Overtime never seems like a perfect ending no matter what the format. I think if non NFL watchers would see the stats they’d be surprised how often it doesn’t end on the first drive. The last few years the team that lost the coin flip has won just slightly less then the team that wins it. Depends on the team to. If the Colts or Rams win the toss you know it’s over but teams like the Ravens or Bears seem to almost prefer kicking off. Like that year the Bears won 3 overtime games and all of them were on defensive TD’s. The only problem with football compared to hockey is after 4 quarters these guys are pretty much out of gas and injuries become a risk. I do also enjoy the CFL ot though as long as the loser doesn’t get a point. I say a loss is a loss. The NHL standing look ridiculous now when a team has a record of, 23-22-13-10-3. I can’t even keep track anymore what those are all for. LOL

the thing is, in terms of on the field, i think CFL is a lot funner to watch, but the fanbase and atmosphere at an NFL game is just amazing, CFL cant compair to it.



That's the problem with the NFL. A league of that level a defense wouldn't let that happen