What lead do the Als need before thinkin of pulling AC ?

So with AC in his first game back from a not serious but comples injury, how many points and at what Point would you consider pulling him from the game and turning the ball over to Adrian ?

Not suggesting that the Als will blow out the Eskimos here btw.

I'm thinking 24 points and not before somewhere in the third quarter.

Seems reasonable

The other question being: Should Chris Leak or Ricky Santos get some playing time as well?

Agreed, Hfx. With Stamps back in the lineup, I'd say anything less than 24 points before the tail end of the third quarter is too early to pull Anthony.

And as far as who gets the non-AC time, for me it's not even an issue. Adrian all the way. We already have problems developing one backup for AC, let alone two. This is Adrian's time and if Anthony is on the sidelines, it's McPherson who should be under center barring injury.

In the offseason, though, the position of third-stringer should be up for grabs IMO. I still believe in Leak, but Santos has shown more this season. It's just possible that we traded the wrong QB to Winnipeg last year.

I figure ....

If AC racks up a 30+ lead in the first half
Bring in McPherson.

Then if AD puts up another 25+
Give Chris Leak a quarter or more...

Je rêve en couleurs?

While a blowout would definitely be nice, I'll settle for a W. Should there be a blowout, definitely AD time and if things stay on that track, all backups should have a shot.

What I have been saying in the last few posts, however, is that AD needs reps in meaningful games, i.e. games that count for standings and playoff berths for both teams. Coming in when the game has already been decided in the first half won't necessarily show his true potential. How a QB performs under duress and when the chips are down is a truer indication of his ability.

Good point
Which is exactly why last game was so important....and so exciting. The Alouettes needed to see which of their young QB's could hack it when the season was on the line. McPherson and to a certain extent Santos showed they have what it takes. Leak had a bad game. It doesn't necessarily count him out OR in.

But while one game does not a complete evaluation make...it certainly counts for lot when a player puts in the kind of performance AD did. NOW he needs some playing time...as much as possible.

Personally I'm hoping the Als find a way to put him in as often as possible...whatever the score

Obviously NOT up by 3 touchdowns at the end of a game where your starter is just coming off a serious injury and the opposition could just be itching to get a cheap shot in.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I agree, Senior. Once again, I think they could have let AD in during the 2nd half. While the Als held a lead, AC was not as effective and the change of pace, with the whole playbook available to him, might have well served our backup QB. Well, as an old adage has it, hindsight has 20/20 vision.

I certainly hope we will see AD and Chris in more games before the end of the season, and not when the game has already been decided.

The Als and Jim Popp are going to have a very challenging off season trying to figure out how to pay Adrian like a starter while AC is still around that is the biggest problem facing the team in the off season and obviously the Als are also fighting the proposal to protect only one QB in the expansion draft.

All of that may be academic if AD decides to head to greener pastures at season’s end. I think Popp and Als’ management have to figure something out to let AD play this season.

I was expecting Adrian to come into the game after the half. Surprised to see AC back in, so I thought ok...Adrian will start the fourth quarter. Not even...
Anthony has already proven himself in the first half, and was unproductive in the 2nd. You would think Adrian would be put in to give himself some valuable reps.

This decision makes as much sense as Ken Miller deciding for Sask to not kick a field goal to win the game on Friday night.

I have to say that the infuriating stubbornness and mindless stupidity shown by Trestman and his staff this year have certainly taken the polish offa that Trestman shine.

From what continue to be "baffable" decisions on the field (another duh challenge this week) to things like refusing to run the ball...and gloating when their strategy works for a quarter "haha...the critics were wrong" to the most pressing of Alouettes issues IMO....keeping their young and enormously talented quarterback happy with a few reps when everyone even idiotic TSN mouth puppets come out of "brain freeze city" to mumble something incoherent about it...I can't remember an Alouettes coaching crew that has specialized in such boneheadedness.

Forget that we're trying to get to the Cup with an aging quarterback...ignore that the offensive line has until recently looked like a dutch kids nightmare...be blissfully ignorant that a once proud and dominant running back is reduced to playing pattycake with linebackers on a blitz...blind yourself to the fact that once spectacular receivers consistently drop the ball in crucial situations...the fact is boys, we're not alone in this league. The Stamps and the Riders are planning our downfall...are we ready?

The Alouettes have to get down and focus for the second half. They're coasting on talent...but the Cup hangover has to wear off eventually.


to coin a phrase.

Nothing more I can say at this point about the offense. It is what it is. We might get to the Grey Cup game, but we sure as hell aren't going to win anything this year, not with the O-line problems, lack of running game, and uninspired red-zone playcalling. Seriously, do Trestman and Milanovich take sleeping pills when we get inside the 20? Either they call a corner route which doesn't work because Anthony has never been great at touch routes, or they call some long timing pattern that never gets off the ground because Calvillo is sacked or forced to chuck the ball away before the receiver gets open.

I understand that the practice facility issue has made life difficult for everyone this year, but at some point excuses ring hollow. The whole team suffers from that reduced practice time but the defense is working fine. Moreover, our red-zone problems started last season.

I very much agree with the above posts and, was simply amazed that Adrian did not play at least for the last quarter.


If like me you were watching the game in a half daze of catatonic boredom...you'd have missed it.
Re-watching the game I noticed a brief (one play) appearance of Adrian McPherson on second down and 3 on the
Alouettes 28 yard line, about 2 minutes into the second half. The Eskimos looked confused to say the least...a HUGE hole opened up and Cobourne ran up the middle for 21 yards.

Nice one...shows what a bit of AD sprinkled in can do.
Gimme MORE

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