What kind of owner would YOU be

I dont think I would be successfull or popular. For one thing, I would sacrifice winning for principle. I would have bad actor players out. I would make certain demands such as, never kneel down, never stop trying to score.

I would have harsh penalties for certain kinds of penalties. My attitude for instance is, if you cant do the job without holding, find another line of work. Offside is unacceptable, wait till the ball is move, period, screw trying to time it or guess the QB cadence.

Naah, I think I would interfere too much with the actual games and probably have negative effect on team moral.

I would be one that expected everyone in the organization to perform at 110%. I would give the fans a respectable, competitive product year in and year out, a team that they would be proud of. There would be no rebuilding, only reloading.

I'd Be Jerry Jones or Al' Davis Type..

I want to learn every I could
I want be in on every Meeting every Decision made. From Waterboy to Starting QB.

Jones and Davis are both Very Successful for that Reason

I don't know about that, their teams probably would have had more success if they stayed out of the football side of things. Obviously you haven't read Hunter Thompson's story on the Raiders, about how annoyed and nervous the players and coaches would be because Davis walks up and down the sidelines like a nut during practises then he'll actually try and coach players if he sees something that he feels wasn't done right. Just like the players on the Mavericks always try to tell Cuban to stay out of the locker room and as far away from their bench as posible during games etc. Owners like that do nothing but cause distractions.

id be a rich owner!..hehe

I would be thrilled to have a marketing group like Bob has: they are brilliant, being able to fill a stadium to watch a sub-standard product.

I would’nt hesitate dropping a 1/2 million for a certain QB who’s primed and ready… money ALWAYS talks!

Does anyone miss Harold Ballard? Cats did win a cup with him.

whats that got to do with the topic??