What kind of oilers fan are you?

Someone posted this at sportsnet.ca. I thought it was pretty funny so I decided to post it here...

Now I am sure that the follow applies to only a very slim minority of Oiler fans. The vast majority of Oiler fans are smart, intelligent folks. They are the ones that know that the reason the team is down 0-2 in the playoffs is because they have been beaten twice.

Now to address the minority of those fans who seem to be the more vocal of the bunch on these forums.

What philosophy or theory do you think best describes your position?

The Luck Philosophy

The Oilers are obviously the most skilled team to ever grace the planet and Carolina is riding a wave of some voodoo magic to even make it this far

The Conspiracy

Gary Bettman, despite logic that would dictate that a large market final would be more desired, has fixed the games so that small market clubs have made the final.

Well, any small market that doesn't include Edmonton. The Oilers of course made it despite the attempted fixing that would have put other small market clubs in ahead of them.

The Cup final is obviously fixed in Carolina's favour.

The Dirty Team Philosophy

The Oilers, who would make Mom Theresa proud, have fallen victim to dirty play from Carolina.

Note the player who obviously took a dive when hit from behind by our very passive #27. You could clearly see from the replay that the Carolina player lifted his feet ever so slightly as his head was being rammed into the boards.

It is plays like this that have put us in the 0-2 position.