What kind of attendance can we expect for this weekend?

The weather is gonna be perfect.
I think its a 7pm start on a Saturday night.
Isn't CBC covering it?

i'm hoping for a crowd of at least 23,000. You can't ask for a better night for football.

On a Saturday in July - tough to crack 20,000 in Ottawa with everyone hitting the cottages...but anything over that would be nice....weather can change the crowd anywhere up to 3,000 people....if it rains in the afternoon I'm sure thats when some people make their decision. Anyway hope its sunny and we get 23,000.

Should a fun night see you there!

p..s.. don't wear you leafs jersey to the game please...

Don't worry, once the fall hits, then the jersey will come out. i wear my football stuff for football games.

…uh yeah, right…if you’re a duck, with a big frickin grounding cable mounted on your head…

…but your the expert MM, hope the Ouji board you used to predict the weather is the same one you used to predict the outcome of the game…

..........man, you guys look good, I mean, my club is comign back a little bit here at halftime but who's the offensive coordinator? Jesus? Allah? Buddah? 'caused your O is blessed...........

.............good game Gades.........we made it exciting enough to keep fans in your seats but props to your team, they earned a lot of CFL wide respect tonight.........

no, no, the stamps jsut sucked, it was another day at the office for the gades redandwhite, GO GADES after eskimos of course

Yesterday I read that Lonie was expecting only 16,000 so I guess the weather didn't have that much effect. Maybe the fans there need a bit more convincing .. this game should help. We'll see next game what the Ottawa fans are about. Maybe they are all saving their money to watch the Senators break their hearts again.

who’s the offensive coordinator? Jesus? hahaha best post ever!!!

Tommy Crondell is the Gades offensive play callher. He calls and joe signs off on the calls. Yes a great effort by the Gades it was! With still lots of room to improve too.

IT's always fun to see a defensive TD.

As for the attendance... Any Saturday game in the summer will have bad BO return in Ottawa. Cottage country calls...

Thursday's attendance should be a bette indication of the support...

Attendance was definitely disappointing. 16K isn't close to good enough.

On one hand, I guess you can understand fans staying away, what with the mess the Watters ownership group left and the Gleiberman's coming back. Nobody in Ottawa trusts those guys. Plain and simple. This team and this city has been screwed and/or disappointed so many times before that the more casual fans are going to take a LONG look before supporting the team again.

On the other hand, it was a beautiful night - although rain 30 mins before kick-off probably didn't help. I don't buy that "cottage country" crap. This is a big city and I can't believe that the majority of Ottawans are at the cottage EVERY weekend.

Renegades fans have been spoiled by the great TV coverage we've had the first 3 years. While I agree it is important to provide TV exposure to your new or potential fan base, you gotta draw the line somewhere. This year, all 9 of our home games are televised. Why not black out, say, 3 of the best remaining games unless attendance hits 22K well in advance of kick off.

Anyway, great game vs. Calgary. Hopefully that performance will put attendance over 20K this week.