What Just Happened? (Argos V Lions Game)

What just happened???

Baker fumbled the ball and it looked like he had possesion when he hit the ground. No challenge? They couldnt Challenge?

Argos just lost cause of that!

I guess im the only one who finds it completely shocking that Toronto wouldnt challenge that game ending play.

Teams can't challenge in the last 3 minutes of a game. Only an official challenge can be made during this time.

And it was a fumble. Baker's knees had not hit the ground. The officials were spot on and saved about 5 minutes not reviewing a play they had right in the first place.

I'm with Blue-Dragoon.....I thought they made the correct call in the first place, although it was close in live play.

The replay showed the ball was coming out before his knee was down...but the replays also showed that Arland Bruce was pushed out of bounds on his endzone catch.

Instant replay is so stupid not even the guys doing play by play know what can be challenged and what cant be challenged.

Wasnt a fumble in my opinion.

nah, he was carrying the ball like a loaf of bread, and fumbled it before his knees hit the ground, if the officials challenged it (they did “look” at it), the call would have stood.

yeah, the OB TD was a bad call, but Wynn still got the ball into the endzone on the next down.

BAKER , did fumble. :cry:

CONGRATS TO B.C. for the WIN. :thup:

The team that played WINNIPEG last week showed up in the first half. :roll:

A better ARGO team played in the second half , but it was a little too late.

B.C. played great and how about that GREAT CATCH for the second B.C. T.D. by Simmins. Play of the week stuff. :thup: :thup: :thup:

As for the ARGOS , no excuses.
But WILLIAMS had his best game , SO FAR , and the ARGOS are looking better. At least in the second half.

B.C. had some key injuries , and so did the ARGOS , but in the end a great game over all. :thup:

I wouldn't be susprised if the Argos win next week, all depends if they can get a good lead and hang on to it.

Well , it is a long season and I think that both TORONTO and HAMILTON have beaten themselves.

It will be great to see allot of the re-matches at the ROGERS CENTER. :thup:

I don't know why but that made me laugh.

Is his first name RICHARD or STEVE? :wink: :lol:

Wrong , replay showed the opposite. Just your bias getting in the way. Officials reviewed it upstairs and could clearly see that there was no push whatso ever. His hand was on the inside of his leg .If anything he pulled him inbounds. I knew there would be no challenge because it was so obvious . You need to look more carefully and not listen so much to the commentaters( who by the way , change their tune once the call was made) .

It was a fumble , replay showed it clearly. Ball was long gone before the knee was down , quit whinning. That's all this thread is.

I agree. But it was close.

The ARGOS turned over the ball too much , even at the end. :cry:

So we have replay , and they look at the plays on video now and we we still got all the same whining about the calls even though replay shows the refs are right????

Thank you Hellothere , You show class here , they got the calls right , I hate seeing my team benefit from bad calls and would not come on here defending wrong descisions on my teams behalf , but I can't stand whiners doing the opposite. The refs called a good game here . So stop whining , whiners.
On a positive note HT , your team should start doing some winning if they play RW properly and give him lots of carries.

Tonight, the Refs made the right calls, nuff said, no BS.

I watched the second half on webcast and they got it.

The Arland Bruce force out is a non-reviewable play. The only way that play could have been over-ruled is if Bruce had landed in bounds.


These include, but are not limited to:

* Proper down
* Status of the clock
* Penalty calls and their Administration
* Forward progress not relating to a first down or goal line
* Force outs on pass plays near a sideline
* Recovery of loose ball in the field of play
* Field Goals