What Joe Doesn't Seem to Know!

Quotes from the B.C. Provence from Joe Smith: "There's a lot of questions to be asked and a lot of things that could be said, but [the coaches] make the decision and I have no control over that decision,"

and Stephan Logan: "We've got to get the running game going and, hopefully, I can help," said the rookie, who had a more-pedestrian 77 yards rushing in his only other outing.
I think Joe is missing the point here! most every player has control over weather or not the keep playing or get substituted! I truly believe player attitude is contagious and if you don't care about your performance both as a player or as a team, that attitude won't make you win games! I like Joe Smith but his attitude needs an adjustment or he needs to start playing way better, take your pick!

The guy doesn't get it. He likes shopping and gardening. And that's fine, but in that case Logan must be starter!

Exactly...he has all those other months of the year for his leisure activities...during football season, get with the program. I mean it's important to see what the other players are doing and stay connected. I'm tiring of his indifference when he's not in the lineup. Initially I thought he was just laid back...but now I think it's more a case of sending a statement when the coach sits him. I don't like it much and he needs to shape up.

He’s a kook. It was only a matter of time this happened.

If Joe no-shows tonight, (And all reports say he will) Wally should cut him for NOT being a Team player.

As I said in the Lions Forum. My Grandson had a player on his team break his leg. That injured player showd up at EVERY Game complete with crutches, RAIN or SHINE! Thats a TEAM PLAYER!

I am so sick and tired of this guy's attitude and his lack of team support. Logan has only been here a short while but he has showed so much more heart than Smith. I think Smith is a great running back when his heads in the game, but if he doesn't show up tonight on the sidelines to support and encourage the guys than I think it's time we part ways with Joe Smith.

All reports point to Smith not showing up tonight. He even went as far as saying that he wouldn't even watch the game tonight on TV. I don't really understand this type of attitude at all. It's actually annoying me.

...i say cut him.....Taman will pick him up :lol: :lol: wouldn't hurt to throw another delusional factor on to the Bomber roster... :lol:

Where is the original post. This thread is hard to follow. I am missing something. Nothing seems harmful if u are just quoting whats on this thread.

Knowing Taman, he'd probably do that and blame the Coach! :lol:

The bus is coming up there RLR, be sure to throw Smith under it!

argos will pick him up in a snap.

Can I throw you under it while I'm at it? :lol:

I will consider that a threat, and can easily send it the admins if you like...unless you edit or retract the statement...

are you serious???

Sambo, you wake up on the wrong side of the bad today...? :expressionless:

So a threat is not a threat? I dont care how he intended it... I still consider that to be a threat, but if you want Chief, I will take to CFLpm and quote the rule as well. Then we will see just how serious I take this...

Knock yourself out, Sambo. (Please don’t take that as a threat!)

OK, maybe threat was too strong a term, but it is still a personal attack against me, which still voilates the forum guidlines. Im surprised at you Chief, I thought you would have been a good mod, I even supported the fact you became one. I guess I was wrong on that count...

I thought it was a lighthearted dig and nothing more. It certainly didn't seem threatening or anything like a personal attack Sambo. Indeed it seemed almost affectionate in a jocular sort of way.

Your reaction on the other hand...