What jersey should I get?

So I'm all set to get a jersey for the new season. I'm thinkin of goin with the red one. But I'm at a stalemate of who I want to get on the back of my jersey, you guys gotta help me out. I don't usually like getting the MAIN guy on my jersey, that you know everyone will have(eg. I'd never get an Iggy jersey). But just someone on the team that's a stong player. I wouldnt get Burris, too many people will have it I think. I'd consider Copeland, but I'm sure he'll also be a name that half of McMahon will be flossin on their backs. I've narrowed it down to a few, I want your guys' opinion.

I see there's been four views, and none of you have even voted. Thanks guys...

The Green one with Ricky Ray on it!!!

I reccomend the Grace jersey, because teh single digit will be cheaper

Well Malbrough was the winner(not in the poll, but that's who I decided to get). Man, thank GOD I didn't order it yet though! He just changed his jersey from #31 to #3, yesterday. Man would I have been pissed off!! Well, that officially ends Malbrough's chances of being on my jersey then. I mean I like him for sure, and he's probably our best DB back there. But his old number(#31) was the focal point for me. Old hockey number you see. So now I don't know what to do. Haha tough life I got eh?

I have a feeling I'm gonna be rollin with John Grace...

well i hope malbrough gets traded to the riders then u wil be screwed hahaahhaahahah :lol:

Well the verdict's in(I know how excited all of you are about this). I got John Grace. But then the next day, right before they shipped it off, I called up the store and told em to switch it to Jeremaine Copeland(I'm good at making decisions haha). I wasn't gonna get Copeland, because I hate getting the jersey which everyone has(Im sure it's all Burris and Copeland). But then I thought about it, and I dont even live in Calgary anymore anyways. So it's not like I'll be seeing Copeland jerseys all over the place or anything. Jersey should arrive in two weeks, I can't wait!!!

--Yah thank GOD I didnt get Anthony Malbrough! One of the main reasons I wanted him was because of his pimpin #(31), because that was always my number in hockey. But Malbrough switched his number from #31 to #3 just last week. I would've totally went with Malbrough if he hadn't done that too. Do you know how pissed I'd be if I had already ordered #31 when he did that??

#77 A.J Gass!

Go esks Go

Nice try troll!

Good decision with the Grace jersey. I'm still fuming that the Gades let him go. He was my favourite player while he was here.


--Don't cheer me on too much. If you read the rest of my post, you'll see that I ordered a Grace jersey, but the next day called the store back, and changed it to Copeland. I got ol #80 hangin in my closet right now. I love Grace, but I'm glad I switched. Copeland's name and his number fills up alot more of the jersey, which I think makes it look better. I'll be breakin out that bad boy at the bar in two days for my boys' season opener.

I’d get it plain then u don’t ahve to pay and then it doesn’t matter if that player gets traded away

Hey, I'd pay a lot for a Don Luzzi jersey. That I would wear in any stadium in the country (and I'm a Lions fan).