What jersey number for Printers

Don't want to jinx it yet but if / when CP signs with the Cats what number do you think he would want ? Armstead I believe is wearing #1 .

give casey # 1
give armstead # 11
give maas the pink slip

#10 is my guess.

He likes single number so if Armstead doesn't give up #1 I'd say #3.

Armstead should give him the number though. Armstead could go back to his #88 he wore in Ottawa.

printers would look good in # 3, you dont see too many QBs wearing # 3 anymore.

Also can dickerson get a new number, 0 is only a good basketball number. a fullback needs a big number.

#10 is my guess.
Cant be #10, #10 is retired

I think single digit numbers should be saved for smaller players as they make them look a bit bigger. A big guy with a single digit number looks even bigger and kinda off width-wise. McKay for example looks bigger than any other 260lb guy because of wearing 9.

Todd Dillon?


No not Todd Dillon....Mac 10 Cody!

14, 18



Ten #10 boots by Bernie Ruoff to any other slackers! :wink:

Oski Wee Dix,

is 18 possible! to remind us of where the team stood before he came? 1-8 haha

I am going to say #2

printers wore #7 in kc,but that's chang's number,,.oh oh.

yes Armstead has to give up the number if Casey still wants 1.

I Feel Maas would have been an allstar if he still wore 12 and Holmes would have been terrific if he had 19.........and joking but seriously I wanna see Printers in 1.

Armstead to 11 sounds good to me. Save 81 for Geroy next year.

save # 5 for marcus vick

printers wore #7 in kc,but that's chang's number,,.oh oh.

Actually he switched to #1 during the preseason.

The homepage has a pop up with a Printers Ti-Cat jersey with the number 1.

whatever number casey is asking for

Who is Marcus Vick?