What Jersey Help Wanted!!!

Hey guys heading to the Roar Store tomorrow to pick up a Ti-Cat jersey, just wanted opinions on which Ti-Cat on the current roster should I buy?...Im mostly looking for a player who hopefully will be around till at least 2012. Thanks looking forward to some input.

We seem to get one of these type of thread each year at least once.

We do not work for Ticat football operations. We are fans just like you and have no idea what players will be here in any given season. No good trade offer is ignored.

Only you can decide what player to get. Maybe get the jersey of an old player as then you never have to worry about them not being with the team.

Kevin Glenn #5.


Safe Bets:

Id stay away from Cobb and Deangelis, but any other big name player will probably be back next year.

There’s quite a choice of players who are almost certain to be here longer than your new jersey. The league’s deal with Reebok calls for new uni designs for 2012.

The league's deal with Reebok ends in 2012. We might be getting new designs because a new company (namely Nike) could get the contract.

To answer the OPs question: Baggs seems certain to be around for a while (two years left on his contract after this season). Bruce isn't a bad idea either because I doubt he goes anywhere else. I think Hamilton will be his last CFL stop.

Two words.....Dave Stala


Why not step outside the box a bit ....... order a jersey and have a college player's name on there that you like and has yet to be drafted or signed by the Tiger-Cats............kind of like shopping the guy around ahead of time to catch the attention of Obie....... :wink: :lol:

I'd go with Stala or Bruce, personally. Or, go with a new jersey and a throwback name. I'd go with Mosca!

Stevie Baggs!
or Kevin Glenn or Dave Stala.

Why anyone wants to wear an article of clothing with another person's name on it is beyond me. Why not buy a jersey with your name or just your favourite number on it?

I have all kinds of jerseys with players names on them.
It shows support for both your team and that individual player.

Why wear an article of clothing with a team logo on it? Wearing a player's jersey is no different than wearing Tiger-Cat t-shirt. It's just different ways of showing support.

Because despite my being a fan, I did not put any time, effort, or lay my body on the line to have my name on the team’s jersey…
The jersey and logo represents something, and just because we are fans, does not mean we have any rights to be a team member…

To each their own I suppose. If people want to shell out a couple hundred bucks to wear a jersey with somebody else's name on it that's their preogative and ultimately the profits help the team. However, it does look like hero worship to me. Wearing the colours of the team shows support to the team. Wearing somebody else's name shows support of an individual who will be gone in a few short years. If someone doesn't feel stupid walking around with a player's name on their jersey who currently plays for another team that's their business. I find it strange and that's my preogative.

To each his or her own indeed. The same could be said about people who went out a bought a ton of shirts and hats with the old logo on it before they changed it. I don't feel silly wearing that anymore than I would wearing a jersey of a player who doesn't play here. That said, I don't own any jerseys of players who don't play here because I am very judicious in who I decide to buy. Glenn seemed like a good purchase because I don't think he'll go anywhere; Bruce is likely at the tail end of his career and will retire a Tiger-Cat; Floyd is probably no more than one year away from retirement, again, likely to come as a Tiger-Cat; Stala is from Hamilton, and regardless of where he signs, I doubt anyone would look cross at that (no one batted an eye when Morreale played for TO). It's each person's choice who they get, but if one is smart, they won't end up with a closet full of Brock Ralph and Adriano Belli jerseys.

And the hero worship thing is just odd to me. Do you not have a favourite player? Did you not have one when growing up?

That's the thing - I grew up.

Well, there is a compromise position. Ticat jerseys look great with numbers, so why not pick a Grey Cup year and skip the name? There's fifteen numbers to choose from (for reference, see the bottom of this page: [url]http://www.ticats.ca/[/url]).

When Roger Edwards did the long-sleeved throwback jerseys about five years ago, they did the 1965 jersey with "65" on it and no name. Still looks great.

And if you happen to know it was Marty Martinello's number that year, well ... great.